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Lose 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks?

Lose 10 pounds in one month? Is this realistic, healthy, and long term or another late night, infomercial dream? Drastic goals call for drastic measures. Of course, you can always try Option B ….

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Post-Workout Protein: Soy Revisited

In 1973, the movie “Soylent Green” was set in the far future of 2022! A detective, played by Charlton Heston, is marked for death when “he gets too close to a bizarre state secret involving the origins of a revolutionary and needed new foodstuff.” There’s no way we’ll tell you the secret of Soylent Green, but we will tell you that the “foodstuff” is full of protein. Speaking of protein, some research has just come out about soy that has exciting implications for …

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Be Heart Healthy

The news if full of dire warnings about the health of our nation. But YOU can take steps down the Almond Brick Road to improve your heart health. Step one: Exercise. Step Two: Eat…..

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Women: Health and Humor

Two women walk into a bar and ask, “Where’s the gym?” “Who’s Jim,” asks the bartender. The only person here is me, and I’m Hume. “Hume Cronyn the actor?” asks one of the women. “No,” he says, “Hume Moore.” Okay, it’s National Women’s Health Week and HUMOR helps your health in these ways…

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Unmentioned Benefits of Working Out: Guest Post

Could you be missing out of some of the “lesser known” benefits of working out and exercising? Guest author. Taylor Ryan shares 5 “unmentioned” bonuses.

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cactus flower with Motivational Quote

Motivational Quotes to Move You

Ever have a day (today maybe?) when you need extra motivation to get out and be active? If motivational quotes give you that extra push to work out, then you will enjoy today’s kick in the keester!

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Rotating Side Plank: Abs Away

Rotating side planks are a great way to get your abs looking fabulous, especially if you just had a baby (by “just” we mean “over a year, so the weight should have come off”). Two versions are demonstrated here, and if you try these exercises, you will be …

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Take Good Care of Your Hair (and Skin & Eyes)

After a 5K walk this past weekend to raise money for research into eye diseases, especially retinitis pigmentosa, we were thinking about how being fit is more than just weight and muscles. It’s also about the health and appearance of your eyes, skin and hair. So we are sharing some well-made products that have ingredients and results we like.

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Push Ups: Knees to Toes

Is it better to do toe push ups halfway or knee push ups with full range of motion? Or is there a third, super secret option? A reader wants arms that have people calling her a pistol packing mama.. But are 10 push ups enough, especially if they are “meh” quality?

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Fun Fitness is More Than Exercise

It was a weekend full of fun, friends, food and fitness. It’s easy to exercise if you do what you love. Sometimes words that start with F lead to something good! What fun activities do you do that don’t seem at all like exercise?

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