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Treadmill Walking

Treadmill Walking Workout

Treadmill walking can be a great workout, but what if your piece of equipment has no incline option? What can you do on the treadmill to vary your exercise program? Intervals, speed work, a weighted backpack, and a fully choreographed dance video are just a few ideas if you are so inclined!

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Healthy Cereals for Every Taste

Eat breakfast.Eat cereal. Whether the two go together or not, you have tasty, healthy options like never before. We ate a lot of cereal to share with you some that we believe are …

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I Want To Lose 100 Pounds

“I have not exercised in over 7 years. I have put on over 100 pounds. I want to lose it. What should I do?” These are great questions put to us. And the answer is…

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Squirrel Reverse Curl

Reverse Ab Curls – Wrong and Right Way

Reverse ab curls look easy, yet are rarely done correctly to get full strength benefits. Learn a few quick workout tips to do this popular abs exercise effectively! Do you know the subtle distinctions between the Wrong and Right Way to perform Reverse Curls? You soon will!

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Easter Workout

Do you want a quick and easy way to get in some exercise this holiday weekend? Are you pressed for time? Good news: We have a full-body, quick workout for you that requires no…

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Belly Up to the (Protein) Bar

If you are into protein bars, then the place to try the World’s Biggest Selection is at the Natural Products Expo West. We came home probably with our weight in protein bars (Alexandra is only 100 pounds…plus some bonus points). We shall now discuss in essay form all the bars that passed our tantalizing taste buds test. It was the easiest test of our lives (well, maybe excluding the ice creams we tried, but we won’t talk about that). Yet…

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Giveaway: LesserEvil & The Greater Good

When we win, you win! Courtesy of LesserEvil healthy alternative snack company, you get a chance to win the iPad3; we received bags of LesserEvil baked, NON GMO, gluten-free chips and popcorn to try out. Then we got selected to be part of this giveaway. Enter both the tasty zone and the contest. You know we work hard to bring you only the best and the wittiest.

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New Exercise Equipment: Try These

One of the benefits of attending the IHRSA International Convention and Trade Show is that we get to test out the new equipment before it gets to the club where you work out. And, Oh, the Places We Will Go! We made fools of ourselves just to bring you the latest info. And by the end, our favorite piece of equipment was…

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Exercise Kindness

Why am I writing about grief and loss on a blog about healthy living? Because I believe that all of us have a responsibility to reach out to those who have fallen out of health, both physical and mental. You do not need to have special training to be kind, smile at others, share a hug, or …

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IHRSA 2012 Fitness Trade Show Fun Finds

March has been a busy month for conventions – whew! We went to the IHRSA Convention (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association) to check out the latest trends in equipment and programs. This convention is geared mostly toward club owners and managers, although there is plenty for instructors and trainers to do, see, taste and touch! And you can get in free next year if you …

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