Food, Glorious Food: Tidbits from the BlogHer Food Conference

Alexandra Williams, MA

appetizers from BlogHer FoodFood is a hot topic. Or a hot dish (yup, I lived in Minnesota for 2 years). Having just returned from speaking at the BlogHer Food conference, I thought you might like to know some of the nuggets, tidbits and kernels I gleaned from it. See how many words are food-based?


The most interesting panel (besides my own, of course. Of course!!) was “Food Blogging for the Next Generation – Finding Solutions at the Intersection of Childhood Obesity and Food Insecurity in the USA” Big Ass title to match the heavy hitters on the panel: Anna Lappé of the Small Planet Institute, Elly Spinweber of Partnership for a Healthier America, Lea Webb – one of the nation’s leading community organizers, and Michelle Berger Marshall of Feeding America.obesity and food insecurity at BlogHer Food




It was extremely interesting to hear about the obesity epidemic from the food point of view, as I’ve spent so many years studying it from the fitness perspective. Some of the salient points might interest you:

BlogHer Food tweets























My friend Sara Tetrault was part of a panel that shared tips for preserving (both in the canned and ecological sense) the “tips and tails” of your cooking scraps. Just a few:

* Vinegar can be made using fruit peels (the description sounds a bit like my sourdough starter)
* Eggshells will keep slugs away from your plants, especially if the shells are sharp. Toast your eggshells and feed them to your chickens (Okay, maybe YOU don’t have chickens, but we do).
* Peach pits combined with vodka make a delightful extract. Just watch out for the cyanide!
* Carrot tops can be added to kosher salt to make bouillon flavoring

I shall end with a smoothie recipe I created based on ingredients from a few of the BlogHer Food sponsors.

mango and sticky riceMango Tango

1 Ataulfo mango  (I prefer organic) Whole Foods has a video showing how to cut one.  I wish I’d known these cutting tricks when I made sticky rice with mango a few weeks ago
Vanilla bean or plain yogurt from Organic Valley (if you follow me on Twitter, FB or Instagram, you know my obsession with this company)
2/3 cup almond milk
1 tsp Bob’s Red Mill flaxseed meal  (Bob is a real guy. We’ve met him. He gave his company to the employees. And he’s from Oregon. What’s not to love?)
1 banana (if you want an eensy bit of chocolate, throw in a frozen chocolate-banana dipper from Dole . You’ll have 3 dippers left over. Eat them for snack… right after breakfast)
Blend all these in a Ninja Pro Blender. I tested the blades on my hair and they were effective!!!

Testing out the blender blades at BlogHer Food

Testing out the blender blades at BlogHer Food

Top it all off with a Snicker Doodle cookie from Udi’s Gluten Free.  I’m not a gluten free eater, but these are actually tastier than the ones I bake myself…according to my kids.

I searched for the links in this post using Bing. The Bing reps at the conference were funny, approachable and had great customer service. Three qualities you probably like in a brand.

P.S. The presentation I gave was “Write to Be Read.” If you need expert, entertaining writers or speakers for your company, please consider us. (805) 403-4338 or info@funandfit.org.Two huge screens; one small presenter





Are you a food lover? What’s your favorite mango recipe?

Disclosure: I was not paid one single penny to mention any of the brands above. I just like to support brands that support bloggers AND provide quality products. So click away!

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