Don’t Be Still My Beating (Omron) Heart (Rate Monitor)

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA
Strapless Omron HR Monitor

What 2 things are strapless in this picture?

Would you be surprised to hear that sometimes Alexandra needs monitoring? Apparently Omron Heart Rate Monitor company thought the same as they sent us heart rate monitors to try out and review for you.

Kymberly: Two features I noticed and liked right away (besides the fact that the monitors were complimentary! Always nice):

1) The little gizmo is strapless. Yes, just like the dresses I never wore in college! No strap around the torso, no electrodes to hook up to. I just popped that baby onto my wrist like a watch.

Alexandra: Oh, I SO want to hook Kymberly up to some electrodes right now, just for research purposes. Say, maybe I can talk her into touching the electric fence around my garden (my 17-year-old and his friends touched it on purpose. Silly boys; shocks are for cars).

K: 2) Super easy to check my heart rate. I simply placed two fingers on top, waited 6 seconds, and voila! The number and a little heart symbol appeared. Yes, it revealed my heart rate, not IQ or waist size. Sheesh! It can also tell you how many calories you’ve burned.

A: Did it reveal whether or not you have a heart? One thing I noticed, since I like to wear things on my right wrist, is that the monitor really only works if you wear it on the left. I never could get a reading when I tried to use the left hand/ right wrist combo. Maybe there’s a version out there for lefties.

K: Fine print (meaning my comments are so Fiiiine, you will want to keep reading): to take advantage of the watch, calorie burning indicator, stopwatch, alarm, and other features, keep those instructions handy and actually read them.  My experience went like this — read, press stuff, enjoy beeping, get reading glasses, read the next two lines, poke at the monitor more, read more, get more beeping, distract the new puppy who wanted to chew the Omron monitor. (She liked the beeping I guess). You get the picture.

Omron HR Monitor

So simple to use even Kila can figure it out!

In case you want one for you or your pet, here’s the link to Omron.

If you’re on Twitter, please join in the TweetChat #FitWithOmron to ask questions such as, “Do you have a left-handed version,” and other workout-related topics. The chats are Jan. 09 and Feb. 06; both at 6:00 pm PST.

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