Does Working Out Suck?

by Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Kymberly: If you know anything about us, you know my sis and I think working out is pretty darn fun and uplifting. We’ve been active all our lives. So why are we keen on a book entitled Working Out Sucks?

book cover

Alexandra: Yes, or no – Do you think working out sucks?
Before you answer that, ask yourself a few other questions:

  1. Does dying early from something totally preventable suck?
  2. Does not being able to play with your kids or enjoy many activities suck?
  3. Does feeling uncomfortable and unhealthy in your own body suck?
  4. Does getting paid less than your equals suck?

These are some of the questions Chuck Runyon, the CEO and co-founder of Anytime Fitness poses in Working Out Sucks. Whatever we’ve been doing over the past few decades to get fit and healthy, it isn’t working. We are less fit and less healthy, and our children are expected to have shorter life spans that we are. I don’t want that for my kids.

The mind tells the body what to do and Runyon and his co-authors, Rebecca DeRossett, a therapist and registered dietitian, and Brian Zehetner, a conditioning professional, share a lot of expert information about ways to train yourself out of bad habits and into better ones. I thought the book would be “in your face” and it is, but not in a blaming, name-calling way. More in a sincerely concerned, “Save your own life and money” kind of way.

Kymberly: Bottom line — the main message of the book is that the consequences of NOT working out suck more than exercise. Yes, inactivity super suckity sucks the most.

If you are someone who needs a boot in the booty; motivation and information to get your giddy up a goin’; a straight shot of “no excuses” advice, then take a read. But move as soon as you put the book down for goodness’ sake!

Fair warning given — the three authors have oodles of personality and do not mind sharing opinions. Are you someone who needs a “no more lame excuses” smackdown to get started on the journey to better health and all around fit-tastic-ness? Do you like stats and quotes that rouse you? Most controversial and misunderstood example: “Money is allergic to fat people.” You will then respond to the opening chapter-ettes that are designed to get you out of your snuggie and into the gym or outdoors.

The later sections help you change any sabotaging behaviors and set a plan for your eating and (dare we say) workouts. “Move a muscle; move a feeling,” is one side benefit of being active. Yes, you really will feel better if you follow the authors’ advice.

Your body doesn't like junk food

Feeling crummy after eating junk food sucks!

Alexandra: Most people hate exercise because it seems like punishment, Even though we at Fun and Fit are all about finding ways to make fitness fun, Runyon’s perspective is more like, “Hey, so exercise might be punishment, but the alternatives are far worse, so get going.” He’s the nagging mom; we’re the teen who knows we should be doing our homework but have procrastinated till it’s almost too late. If you want to get an “A” in life, lace up your shoes, dust off your sweats and do your push-ups!

K and A: Why do we mention push-ups? Because Anytime Fitness puts their money where their LOUD mouth is, and are giving a free one-year membership to one of the participants in our Push-ups for Patriots challenge. To find out why 212 push-ups a day for 31 days does NOT suck, read the post.

And if you want to be entered to win your own copy of Working Out Sucks. you just have to ‘fess up in the comments about an excuse you’ve used to avoid working out. You can also enter to win by tweeting about the giveaway using the hashtag #WorkingOutSucks. Then link to this post or either of us on Twitter so we’ll know you tweeted. We have four copies to give away, so comment at will! While jogging in place! We’ll announce the winners on January 30th, the same day as the #WorkingOutSucks tweetchat.

If you do not win one of our giveaway copies and can use a solid, thorough, easy-to-follow guided tour to start on the path to a better and more active life, buy the book. It includes a 21-day nutrition and fitness plan, AND two coupons in the back for a free 30-Day Anytime Fitness club pass or a one-year Anytime Health online membership. These are worth more than the price of the book, but hey, if you win one, it’s worth waaaaaaay more than the price you paid! Even sweeter, 100% of book proceeds go to support Limbs for Life, a non-profit organization that provides prosthetics to those in need.

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Readers: Did working out ever suck for you? If so, did you overcome that feeling? How?


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