Does Coffee Make You Happy?

Alexandra Williams, MA

Happy Coffee PeopleOn January 14, a study was released indicating that people who drink coffee are at a lower risk for depression than those who do not drink coffee. Was it coincidence or serendipity that I was sitting in the lavish Miele booth at the Living Kitchen show in Cologne, learning all about their magical new coffee machine that very same day?

The coffee-depression study involved 263,925 people. For a year, their drink consumption was evaluated. About 10 years later, researchers asked the participants whether they had been diagnosed with depression since the year 2000. A total of 11,311 of the participants had been.

Participants who drank more than four cans or cups per day of soda were 30 percent more likely to develop depression than those who drank no soda. People who drank four cups of coffee per day were about 10 percent less likely to develop depression than those who drank no coffee.

Sarah is getting her coffee on in the Miele press room

Sarah is getting her coffee on in the Miele press room

“Our research suggests that cutting out or down on sweetened diet drinks or replacing them with unsweetened coffee may naturally help lower your depression risk,” said study author Honglei Chen, MD, PhD, of the National Institutes of Health in Research.

Well, I’m not sure if I could do four cups of unsweetened coffee, but I DO know that German milchkaffee (milk coffee) is extremely tasty. At home, I like decaf because regular makes me jittery. But hand me some German milchkaffee and I get happy. Put me in a study!

While I helped myself to the free coffee and lunch (thanks, Miele), I learned about their new coffee machine from none other than Markus Miele, managing director and co-proprietor of (Insert his famous last name here)! The machine was so brilliant – not only does it know how tall your cup is, it also somehow knows how wide, so you get the exact right amount of coffee in your cup without the splashes and hot splutters. They gave a demo with a tiny espresso cup and a tall latte macchiato glass.Magic Miele Milchkaffee There was even a feature called the CupSensor, which reacts to beverages made with milk froth by raising the spout 1 centimeter (that’s “a little bit” in U.S.-speak) after milk delivery so that the spout stays clean. It does other helpful chores, such as cleaning itself and making 2 different types of coffee drinks at once. It also has a milk system that for all I know comes with a happy cow right inside the machine (I suspect it’s more like an ease-of-use milk container, but I’m holding out for a mini-cow).

I heard a rumor that it’s expensive, but when you add up the cost over a year of those maccho-latte-frappe-cini-ballerini drinks you’ve been buying for $5 a pop, I guess it’s all relative. Besides, you read the bit about how it cleans itself, right?Coffee Cow

I want this machine in my house. My house is in the U.S. This machine isn’t even available in Germany until May. I do not know when it will come to the U.S. Dear Miele, we all want this machine. Please send it to the U.S. We promise to get our own cows. Please send coffee while you’re at it. We promise to never drink soda. We promise to drink our four cups of milchkaffee every day. Thank you.

Miele Press Room

Miele Press Room



I was one of 12 bloggers invited on BlogTour Cologne by Modenus. Want to see some wonderful pictures of the team? Fellow blogger/ photographer Courtney Price has them. My picture shows how happy I can get after milchkaffee!



I was not paid to talk about the Miele Generation 6000 coffee maker. I just think you’ll like it. Miele was one of the sponsors for the Modenus BlogTour Cologne, for which I am very grateful. And thirsty. And I’d like to see this study replicated using milchkaffee. 

What is your favorite coffee drink? Does it make you happy?

Photo credits: Happy Coffee People:  TheGiantVermin, Coffee Maker: Miele; Sarah in the Miele Press Room: Courtney Price; Press Room: Me; Cow: JelleS

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