Daylight Savings? Or Time to be Dancing With the Stars?

By Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA

Alert: Off topic, digression blog post from me, Kymberly, with a dream you can help me fulfill.

Me flying high once DWTS calls!

What time is it? Ok, sure it’s almost Daylight Savings time. More on my mind is that Tuesday night was Elimination Time for Dancing With the Stars Pro Dancer, Louis van Amstel and his 2012 Season celebrity partner, Sabrina Bryan.  So wrong, so robbed, so untimely an end! You can help put this ballroom dance tv show back on track next season. Stay tuned to find out how.

If you’ve been following our blog or attending the group fitness classes I teach, you cannot have escaped that I am a dedicated DWTS fan-a-fit-tic! Not only that, but I am a boom chicka boomer with a dream. I want twinnie personage and me to be the first “celebrity” twins to compete at the ‘big dance.”  And, yes, we each want our own pro dance partner. Everyone asks us how we would “share” one pro. We wouldn’t! Alexandra gets Louis as they can speak Dutch with each other. And I get …. well, you have to tweet DWTS at @DancingABC to get them to bring us on, then you can find out who my partner pick is. Hint – I want someone who is strong enough to lift and twirl me about.

Now that Louis and Sabrina have been eliminated, where can you find him? For starters, with us! Take a look at our exclusive video interview.

Yes, we were the only people who got to record an interview with Louis at the IDEA World Convention. We ask him about his emerging ballroom dance-based fitness program, LaBlast.  For more on LaBlast and the 5 levels Louis designed so we all can enjoy salsa, disco, mambo, jive, foxtrot, and more ballroom moves while exercising, do peek at this post.

Where do I hope you soon find Alexandra and me? On Dancing With the Stars, Season NEXT ONE. The key aspect to focus on now is that we are two Kevin Bacon degrees away from having my dream come true. The show needs a baby boomer or two. Ok, exactly two. Us. And we have as much celeb status as many past competitors (ask us one day about our stints in Europe as famous fitness pros. We learned afterwards to wish for Fortune and Fame, not just Fame. What were we thinking??!!).

This is the part where you come in. Help me realize my DREAM by tweeting @DancingABC tweet your followers using the hashtag #DWTS with subtle hints such as “#DWTS Get boomchickaboomer celeb identical twins @KymberlyFunFit & @AlexandraFunFit on next season!” Like Louis’ Facebook page and drop him a line, now that he and Sabrina have been curtailed all too soon. Tell all your online friends to tweet, post, email, share. DWTS needs a way to top this season, and what could be better than a twin-off?

Silver mirror ball, I see you shining down on me.

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