Are you a middle ager whose muffin top hath spillethed over? Got menopot?

Get Stronger, Sexier, Sleeker Abs at Any Age

  • Become Ab-so-lutely Fab-YOU-less!
  • Get ready to LOOK 5 pounds thinner in under 5 minutes
  • Make that guy who spurned you in high school wish he'd paid better attention
  • Gain core power galore!

Dear Boom Chicka Boomer:

If all goes well, you will age. HOW you grow older is largely under your control and a result of choices you make. Don’t watch your waist expand and your world shrink with each passing year.

Hi! I’m Kymberly. My twin sister, Alexandra and I each offer more than 3 decades’ experience on land, sea, and airwaves as internationally respected, certified fitness professionals. Like you, we are baby boomers who know that added years often means added weight, more aches and pains, and reduced strength.

But this decline is not inevitable and can be reversed ---- if you take certain, critical actions.

Take advantage of our expertise to transform your core and more. You can move from weak and (dare we say, perhaps “flabby”) to strong and Fab-Abby!

Stacey Al-Ghawas Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kymberly is a genius. Her intense knowledge of physical fitness is unrivaled, except perhaps by her twin sister, Alexandra. There's a magical, humorous dimension to everything she does. 28 years ago she helped me lose the 40 lbs I gained from my first son's birth and now she's counseling me on my mid-life crisis body! Kymberly is there for you if you're seeking witty, accurate and supportive advice that works! 

Bust a 6-Pack Myth

A little later Alexandra and I will tell you our number one tip to motivate you from “stuck” to “start” with any fitness routine. But first, we’re going to bust the myth that a 6-pack indicates a strong, age-defying core.

We admit a 6-pack certainly looks good. And it does indicate low body fat. But it says nothing about the ability to function well in daily life, do fun physical activities, or maintain enviable posture.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to work as hard as it takes to get the 6-pack of my youth (that I may or may not ever have had in the first place). More to the point, it’s totally possible to have a youthful, functional set of abs even if your 6-pack could be described as a 10-pack.

However you do need core strength to beat the aging odds.

What is the cost of not getting active?

For one, is your body growing old faster than your mind?

Who wants:

  • A fallen soufflé of a belly
  • “Old lady” posture
  • back pain
  • a matronly feeling
  • a wardrobe of pants with elastic waistbands

---  these can all be yours if you do nothing.

Or you can start now with a program carefully selected for you -- the woman in her second half of life.

Graphic for Ultimate Abs

Because this program offers:

  • 24/7 access to 23 videos ---
  • Mix and match exercises ---
  • Answers to common abs questions posed by real women just like you ---
  • Science-based exercise suggestions ---
  • No fancy equipment requirements ---
  •  A 69 page PDF document to download and keep---
  • Supporting information that helps you decide what's best for YOUR body ---

You may be able to:

  • Look Younger Faster and at Your Convenience
  • Improve Your Core & Posture Anytime & Forever
  • Reach Your Personal Goals such as Lose Weight, Strengthen the Core, Work Out Pain Free
  • Reduce injury
  • Put your saved $$ to new, figure flattering clothes
  • Exercise Efficiently and Effectively
  • Function Better Overall

As if that weren’t enough:

  • Taught by women who have experienced the same issues & frustrations ---
  • Curated by trusted, world-renowned presenters ---
  • Follow along even with the sound off ---
  • Get written instructions, myth busting suggestions, & advice ---
  • Choose options that address all abdominal muscles, not just rectus abdominis ---
  • Receive focused cueing ---
  • Get expert instruction by fitness pros with over 60 years’ combined experience -

We’ll also share how you can:

  • Increase Balance and Stability, whether on the Playing Field or in Daily Activities
  •  Feel and Look Sexier

  • Tighten & Flatten the Tummy while Multi-tasking
  • Improve Sports Performance

  • Improve Torso Stabilization

  • Help Distribute Weight & Absorb & Transfer Force
  • Decrease Back Pain
Rena McDaniel

I love your very practical “can-do” ideas! You have gotten my butt into gear and motivated me to make so many changes to my diet and exercise! I’ve lost 10 lbs already and am gaining some much needed strength! I feel fabulous!!!! Thanks ladies; you’re awesome!  24/7 Alzheimer Caregiver, RA patient, Writer, Blogger, Wife, Mom, Grandma, avid traveler and Social Media addict. 

Yet more awaits you!

  • Go at your pace, in the order you prefer --
  • Follow boomer-friendly advice in both the videos and text ---
  • Access online videos available via private link or bookmarking ---
  • Replay the videos as often as you want, especially as most are under 2 minutes ---
  • Get right and wrong ways clarified in both video and text ---
  • Try all moves in your own home ---
  • Choose modifications and options offered for various skill levels ---

Our tips and exercises allow you to:

  • Improve Coordination Quickly
  • Lower Risk of Disease

  • Reduce Self-Consciousness about your Midsection
  • React More Quickly to Life’s Forces

  • Gain Strength throughout your Entire Body

  • Improve Respiratory Function
  • Move Confidently, Prevent Falls, and Make Progress

Bonuses Galore Worth More

When you buy our program, we’ll also throw in the following bonuses. Raise your hand if you like a good freebie! How about THREE FREEBIES! Whoa. Try saying that aloud quickly thrice in a row.

Bonus #1

Time to find out how menopause gobsmacked your belly in the first place. More to the point, this lighthearted, info-packed interview with hormone expert, Tamara Grand, PhD offers “how tos” for saying “so long suckah” to any added tummy weight you’re sucking in.

Midlife, Menopause,and Weight Gain [Transcript] ($9.95 value) 

Transcript of our highest rated episode from "Active Aging for Boom Chicka Boomers" radio show. No longer available through Exclusively yours through us.

21 pages of a romp through the whats, whys, and hows of your body on its FREAK OUT, um, its transition.

Midlife, Menopause, and Weight Gain:  What Can You Do to Deal With Hormones and Menopot? [Transcript]

Bonus #2

The self-assessment tests in this document are intended to help you know where you are now so you can better get where you are going. Want to know your functional fitness level? Try the easy-to-follow tests to get a baseline and know how you compare to others your age.

How Fit Am I?  ($9.95 value) [Tests in PDF and Video form]

Now is always a good time to change out a few bad habits for a few good ones. Just accessing this bonus program already gets you moving in the right direction. DOING the assessments and exercises offered here and in your other bonus programs will do even more for you!

twins at Ranch arch

How Fit Are You?: 5 Quick and Easy Functional Fitness Tests [PDF file and videos] ($9.95 value)

Bonus #3

Now is the best time to get better posture!

And no, it’s not about throwing back your shoulders or sucking in your abs. (The abs you are about to strengthen and depend on more as a buyer of The Ultimate Abs Workout Collections for Women Over 50.)

Look 5 Pounds Thinner in Less Than 5 Minutes ($11.95 value)

This booklet bonus is our thank you for making the commitment to ask more of yourself so that you can enjoy life more.

A long, engaged, lifted body is not only a more attractive one, but also a life extending one!

Look 5 Pounds Thinner in Less than 5 Minutes:  Your Guide to Life-Enhancing Posture [PDF file and videos] ($11.95 value)

Case Study:  Strong Abs Saved Elena’s Life

Just a few weeks into her new Ultimate Abs exercise program, Elena was rear ended hard as she was driving to an event. Fortunately she was wearing her seatbelt. Unfortunately, that seatbelt dug into her so deeply that the paramedics had to cut her out of it. Apparently it had embedded itself well into Elena’s midsection. On the way to the hospital, Elena noticed severe bruising already appearing, running in a straight and prominent line from her shoulder to hip.

Later she told us that intense and painful as the bruise and accident were, she felt lucky. “As I felt that belt dig in, I tightened my abs hard. Later I heard from the doctors that if I had not had such a strong core and toned muscles, the seat belt might have sliced me in two. Two months ago, my weak and squishy belly would not have protected me and I’d be a statistic. Instead I am here to say that my ab work paid off more than I imagined, but exactly as I needed.”

Stories like Elena’s combined with all the other, life-enhancing benefits are why we created the Ultimate Abs Workout Collection for Women Over 50. (We know -- finally, right? It took us long enough to get this produced even with nagging from our fitness students.) And we’re offering this collection at a dang good, value-packed price.

Warranty Image for Sales



Alexandra and I are 100% confident this program will give you what you need to start transforming your abs today. You do your part - perform the moves - and we’ll do ours, above and beyond.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You don't even have to commit to a forever "Yes." Simply say "Yes, for now" and you can test drive The Ultimate Abs Collection for Women Over 50 for a full 60 days or double your money back. Yup, you read that correctly.

Not only will we refund your purchase price of $29, but also we’ll hand over to you a matching check for $29 out of our own pockets. That's how sure we are that this program offers the options and opportunities you need to succeed. 

Click here to start your move to age-defying abs today.


Compare the Costs 

    You could make recurring payments up to $150 per month for a gym membership, attend group fitness classes, and hire a personal trainer to help you meet your fitness goals. And with luck and research, these resources might focus on your specific age, gender, and capabilities.

    Ooooorr… for a one-time payment at a fraction of the cost, you can access a lifetime of exercises, motivation, and handholding guidance -- carefully designed for YOU, the woman over 50, by certified professionals.

Why are you getting a digital product instead of CDs or DVDs shrink wrapped with a booklet? Certainly Alexandra and I were asked often enough “when will you make DVDs so we can take you home with us?” Well, uh, never. And for good reasons:

Digital Products Are Better Than Physical Ones -- in this case!

  • You get the videos and PDF file instantly

  • Digital products are a lot less expensive to manufacture than physical ones, which saves us money, which saves you money

  • You can take your workouts and instructions anywhere. Save them to your computer, laptop, iPad, or smart phone; upload them to the cloud so you can access them anywhere. Yup, digital products weigh nothing, are quite packable, and can travel with you anywhere.

#1 Tip to Get Started with ANY exercise program

Did you think we forgot our promise to reveal the #1 tip to go from couch potato to motivated exerciser? Yeah, we know the memory starts to wander after age 40. But we are ON IT!

To move from “stuck” to “start” ask yourself What is the LEAST I am willing to do?” Forget perfection and all the “rules” you’ve heard. Simply establish the MINIMUM you will commit to today. Then do it. Just that one little action. (Of course we hope it’s one from this program we've developed for you. But ANY action will work). Voilá - you have just done a little bit more than the day before!

Actively yours,

Kymberly and Alexandra

P.S.  Start your abs transformation by clicking the button above. Go for Active Aging Ab Action today!

NOTE: The Ultimate Abs Collection comes as a downloadable PDF file with links to unlisted videos on YouTube. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download or bookmark the PDF file, download the bonuses, and access the YouTube videos anytime and as often as you want.

If you have any questions please contact us, Kymberly and Alexandra at

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