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Growing a Fit Child: It’s Graduation Day

It’s high school graduation day, time to look back to the life lessons we hope we’ve taught our kids. Did I raise my son to be healthy and happy, and to be full of purpose and joy? Did I pass along healthy habits that will help him succeed?

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Healthy School Lunches

What’s in your child’s school lunch? School is back in session so we invited two high school seniors to write a guest post about what teens really want in their lunch bag!

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Miles Planking

Planking Meets Fitness Plank

How is planking different from a fitness plank? In this video post you’ll learn the right and wrong way to do the plank. Great for the core. Impress your friends. Just don’t go planking in weird places. Click on the title to read more.

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Graphic of brain from Heather Frey

Train Your Brain

How can you achieve the healthiest brain possible? Move, move, move if you want to be smarter! Dancing, walking, playing ping pong, watching the US Women lose the World Cup championship in PKs and thereby getting your heart rate up, all boost brain power! Click on the title to catch brain envy and become a smarter, more fit YOU!

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Why Do People Faint in Exercise Class?

Lately students have been dropping like raindrops on a blustery day. But it’s not raining. They’re fainting in alarming numbers in the group exercise classes at the university. Here are the main reasons teens and young adults faint. Click on the title to read; you won’t get lightheaded!

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I’m Pregnant, in Pain and Want to Work Out

So much that starts with “P:” Pregnant, Patella Femoral Syndrome, and Put out at the Pain of it all! Poor Sarah wants to exercise through her pregnancy, but her knee prohibits activity. What CAN she do that does not hurt so much? Besides birth a child…..

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The Skinny on Skinny Jeans

Can you have strong legs and still fit into skinny jeans? Carolien wants to do some exercises that help her tone up and slim down. While studying American culture of the 1980s, she must focus on three things: body fat, strength training and her fashion sense. Dig out your leg-warmers–here come “legersizes.”

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Strangely Compelling...

Bad Ankle Bridezilla

Julianna is afraid of becoming a frustrated Bridezilla because her sprained ankle won’t heal fast enough. She wants to know what exercises she can do “just until it almost hurts.” Hmmm, plannning a wedding that’s a month away should do the trick! Can she memorize eversion, inversion, plantar and dorsi flexion in time to save her ankle and dance the night away?

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30 Days With the Grateful Shred

Tamie is grateful for her 30-Day Shred, but isn’t sure if her muscles are quite ready to go on tour. Her heart rate says “Truckin I’m a goin’ home,” while her muscles feel like they’re going to “Hell in a bucket.” Which one is best – muscle maintenance or cardio challenge?

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Audio: Exercise is No Child’s Play

Listen to Fun and Fit’s…

Exercise is No Child’s Play

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