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Abs Revealed (Butts Not)

Abs Revealed, but I Don’t Want to See Your Butt

Today our review is about Abs, and how they can be Revealed in all their glory! So suck in and suck it up, suckers! We received both the book “Abs Revealed” and the app that goes with it, titled (oddly enough) “Abs Revealed: The Exercise i-Library,” by Jonathan Ross. He was chosen as Personal Trainer of the Year two times by industry professionals, so our expectations were high. Which reminds me of a coffee mug I’ve had for years, which says, “If at first you don’t succeed, lower your standards.” To read your way to buff abs, click on the title!

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Burn Those Shoes Baby, Burn

Sneak in Stats When Walking Briskly for Calorie Burn

Can you burn 10 calories a minute by walking? Does helpful math really mean that would be 300 calories in a half hour? Could you burn even more calories if you hustled during your walk? What if you walked like an Egyptian? And does walking count as a “brisk cardio activity”? What if you are going uphill… both ways? Please click on the tile to link to the full post.

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Healthy Holiday Motivation – 5 Tips

Hmm, time for eggnog or motivation? Un-fun exercise activities spell F.A.I.L.U.R.E so grab what you enjoy (we said “what,” not “whom” to grab) and get your holiday groove on to reach SUCCESS. Head into the New Year with these 5 strategies destined for your greatness. By the way, Alexandra hates eggnog, but Kymberly loves it, so guess who’s grabbing what? Yes, gimme some o’ dat Motivation!

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What Have Fun and Fit Been Up To?

Have you been doing your Abs workouts? We have. Uh huh, we have too! Aaaaand, we’ve been busy working on some new ventures when not working out. We want to be ready for you when 2011 New Year’s comes around that we help you get round what you want and flatten out some of the rest – not including our wallets.

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TV Tells Us to “Get Off Our Keesters”

Ever feel that television sends subliminal messages? Specifically that we need to get off our spud butts and exercise? Personally, we like the show where we can still dream as we “Carve Abs in Bed.” Oh, gotta go. Our favorite show is on: “I Survived.” What’s your take on the link between exercise and TV show titles?

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Alexandra answers training questions on KZSB

Alexandra answers training questions on KZSB radio

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Get Inspired! Project interviews Fun and Fit

Fun and Fit were lucky enough to be selected as one of the 365 inspirational interviewees for the Get Inspired! Project. Toni Reece and Rob Britt created the Get Inspired! Project, which interviews one person per day (or two, in this case) for one year. Their goal is to motivate and encourage people worldwide through sharing the stories and sources they find inspirational.

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What song title describes you?

What song title bespeaks your fitness status? Kymberly would like to claim “She’s a Brick House.” … but she’d be lying. What’s your autobio song title?

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Audio: Exercise is No Child’s Play

Listen to Fun and Fit’s…

Exercise is No Child’s Play

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