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Trying the Helix at IHRSA

Tune In, Turn Out, Listen Up to Our New Radio Show

Alien Space Twins Spot Trends at Key Health and Wellness Events Are you curious what the future holds in the exercise equipment and health world? (Spoiler alert #1–more wearable technology so you can get closer to yourself than a selfie). Wonder what the fitness industry has in store to meet your needs and make you […]

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Skyflying in LA - Kymberly

Move Your Body to Improve Your Brain

Got an idea what the second most powerful thing you can do to improve brain function might be? What factor just moved to the number one spot?

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BlogTour: Cologne, Amsterdam and Gifts for Your Home

One of us is headed to Cologne and Amsterdam in January as part of BlogTour by Modenus. As one of 14 international designers and lifestyle bloggers, one twin is going to attend the giant IMM (International Furniture Fair) and Living Kitchen to discover all the best products to help make your healthy lifestyle even healthier, for you AND the planet. Read to learn which sister is brushing up on her Dutch (the other sister is fluent in German)…

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How to Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

You’ve been diligent all year about exercising and eating healthfully. And now the holidays are creeping up faster than your heart rate monitor. How do you stay trimmer than a decorated tree and less stuffed than a turkey come Thanksgiving? Follow our 7 Healthful Tips to Avoid the Thanksgiving Food Trap.

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The Ultimate Playlist of Your Fit Life

Do you have a theme for exercise that a song captures? Doe, a deer, a female deer; Ray, a drop of golden sun; Me, a name I call myself. What song calls your self?

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Kathy Gruver, PhD

Make Brain Waves

Booty shaking makes you smarter! And if you move the rest of your body with it, you’ll have even more brain power. Read and listen to discover why and how movement is a pep pill for your grey matter!

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Take Good Care of Your Hair (and Skin & Eyes)

After a 5K walk this past weekend to raise money for research into eye diseases, especially retinitis pigmentosa, we were thinking about how being fit is more than just weight and muscles. It’s also about the health and appearance of your eyes, skin and hair. So we are sharing some well-made products that have ingredients and results we like.

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Abs Revealed (Butts Not)

Abs Revealed, but I Don’t Want to See Your Butt

Today our review is about Abs, and how they can be Revealed in all their glory! So suck in and suck it up, suckers! We received both the book “Abs Revealed” and the app that goes with it, titled (oddly enough) “Abs Revealed: The Exercise i-Library,” by Jonathan Ross. He was chosen as Personal Trainer of the Year two times by industry professionals, so our expectations were high. Which reminds me of a coffee mug I’ve had for years, which says, “If at first you don’t succeed, lower your standards.” To read your way to buff abs, click on the title!

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Burn Those Shoes Baby, Burn

Sneak in Stats When Walking Briskly for Calorie Burn

Can you burn 10 calories a minute by walking? Does helpful math really mean that would be 300 calories in a half hour? Could you burn even more calories if you hustled during your walk? What if you walked like an Egyptian? And does walking count as a “brisk cardio activity”? What if you are going uphill… both ways? Please click on the tile to link to the full post.

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Healthy Holiday Motivation – 5 Tips

Hmm, time for eggnog or motivation? Un-fun exercise activities spell F.A.I.L.U.R.E so grab what you enjoy (we said “what,” not “whom” to grab) and get your holiday groove on to reach SUCCESS. Head into the New Year with these 5 strategies destined for your greatness. By the way, Alexandra hates eggnog, but Kymberly loves it, so guess who’s grabbing what? Yes, gimme some o’ dat Motivation!

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