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How Do Your Personality, Luck, and Gender Affect Your Health?

Do you have a “take charge” personality? Then you might have an easier time losing weight and making healthy choices. You’ll have more challenges though if you believe in …..

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Weight Gain & Injuries & Strength, Oh My!

You want to get stronger. You want to lose weight. You want more energy. You want to wrestle with your kids…and win! But you have old injuries that flare up. Is there a solution (besides lowering your standards)? Click on the title for the WWF true action answer.

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Gender Bias at the Core with Abs and Weight Loss

Do women really have an advantage over men when it comes to core stability and strength? Do men really think biceps bigger than a Smart car are appealing? Will Brad ever get his wish to be as good on stability balls as the women he’s seen?

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TV Tells Us to “Get Off Our Keesters”

Ever feel that television sends subliminal messages? Specifically that we need to get off our spud butts and exercise? Personally, we like the show where we can still dream as we “Carve Abs in Bed.” Oh, gotta go. Our favorite show is on: “I Survived.” What’s your take on the link between exercise and TV show titles?

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