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Rotating Side Plank: Abs Away

Rotating side planks are a great way to get your abs looking fabulous, especially if you just had a baby (by “just” we mean “over a year, so the weight should have come off”). Two versions are demonstrated here, and if you try these exercises, you will be …

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Wave Bye-Bye to Baby Weight! More Than 5 Ab Exercises for Fallen Souffle Bellies

If your baby is older than a year, can you still claim that abs that resemble a fallen souffle are due to “baby fat”? What is the difference between baby fat and body fat? No fair saying that the former is on the baby! Once you get rid of that baby fat (sometime before your kid heads off to college) what do you do to get the taut, tight, toned abs you once had? Pretend that traveling back in time to your pre-parental days is not an option.

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Pregnant, Physically Phit, and Powerful

She’s fit, active, strong, and a competitor. A little pregnancy won’t hold this mom-to-be back as her front grows! But too little advice is leaving her more exhausted than a triathlon. Who and what should she listen to: her doctor? her own body? her husband? Fun and Fit?! the little voices in her head that say “yes, honey you do have pregnant butt”?

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