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Seated Abs Exercise: Obliques Circle

If you want an abs move that will make your obliques stronger and help you have a leaner look in the waist, then the Seated Obliques Circle is for you.
Whether you have weak abs or strong, this exercise has a version you can do. And the good news is that it might be perfect for people with bad backs or knees, or even for people who want to avoid lying down.

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3 Ways to Perfect Your Posture: Tenaya Healthy Living Retreat is One

Discover some tips to help you create and maintain good posture. Plus, you can join us (and get your posture assessed) on the west coast for two events – Sherpa: Your Guide to Life Enhancing Adventures, and Tenaya Lodge: Yosemite Healthy Living Retreat.

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Abs Exercise for Older Adults: No Head or Neck Strain with this No-Crunch Move

Wonder how you can work your abs without lifting your head or straining your neck. Wonder no more, as the “Bug” core move will give you stronger, more attractive abs. Whether you’re a baby boomer, older adult, person with neck or head soreness, or simply someone who wants a great option to strengthen your abdominals without rounding forward into spinal flexion, this video post will show you what to do.

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Back Saver Sit and Reach Flexibility Test

We were asked to create a video to address this question: “What muscles get stretched when performing the back saver sit and reach test?” Hint: it’s not the back…unless you do it wrong. So what exactly is the back saver sit and reach test? And is that anything like the saving for a rainy day jar?

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Improved Sleep and Comfort: Technogel Pillows

If you have ever had an uncomfortable night’s sleep, you’ll want to read what we discovered from sleeping on pillows from Technogel. If Dorothy had slept on a Technogel pillow instead of a field of poppies, she might still be asleep; a smile on her face!

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Abs and Core Exercises Safe for the Lower Back

Got abs? Got low back pain? A reader asks us for core exercise options that are safe even with lumber spine issues. We have a few suggestions, but find out which one got top billing.

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Hamstring Stretches: 3 Wrong & 3 Right Ways

Want more benefit from your hamstring stretches? Avoid the most 3 common form faults. Be uncommon and extend! Flexible hamstrings bring you at least 3 benefits if not more. Bad form only brings you ….

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Back Stretches: Wrong and Right Way Tips

Have lower back tightness? Need to stretch your lumbar region?
Don’t become the Hunchback of Notre Fame by making the most common back stretch mistake, which is ….

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