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Living Now Giveaway: Allergy-Friendly Grains & Flours

You could be the winner of five different allergy-friendly grains and flours from NOWFoods, from their Living Now™ line. Baking Season has Begun! Giveaways Galore too!

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Chip Chips Chooray

Chip Chips Chooray! Product Review

What do kids pack in their lunch bags and adults put out at bar-b-ques? If you are tempted to say “Twinkies,” hesh your mouth right now! It’s chips for the win! Since we’re not big fans of high-calorie, low-nutrition chips, we taste tested bagfuls of unusual chips that just might be a better choice.

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3 Top Natural Living Trends: Be Free!

Having just spent four fun, fab, furiously paced days at the Natural Products Expo West event, we noticed certain healthy living trends. Chances are YOU are contributing to these trends. In the natural and organic world, it’s all about being FREE: gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, GMO-free, guilt-free! We noticed 3 trends in particular, which are …

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Butt shot of troll

Free the Glutens! and Other Health Food Revolutions

Trends 4-10 in the Healthy Food and Products World
If you were with us March 22, you got our totally fresh grown post on 3 of the top 10 trends in the natural and organic products industry. If you are also a person who dabbles in eating and imbibing (always a fun pasttime!), then these trends may affect and intrigue you. And if you like cliff hangers, then hang on to this: we are back with the final 6 trends on good foods and other healthy stuff you ingest or may ingest soon. But only if you want to be healthier, possibly lose weight, protect the world, run faster, and jump higher. If so, then click on the title to read more.

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Allergies and Activity–Something to Sneeze At

Sound the allergy alarm! Lou wants to know if there’s a way to trick her body with activity so it won’t realize she is running in the morning, the worst time of day for pollen and spores buffeting her about. Is it possible to out-run wind-borne allergens? Would Run DMC have any idea?

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