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The Klout Workout: Perks & Circuits

Alexandra presented her Klout Workout at the recent IDEA World Fitness Convention. It’s a circuit station workout based on social media. The more clout you have online, the higher your Klout score, and the chances for Perks. Want to know what Klout is, what Perks are, and whether the students were able to send tweets and pictures during the class? Read the post, then tweet it to your friends!

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5 Fitness Trends from IDEA Convention

At the recent IDEA World Fitness Convention, we attended classes, workshops, and lectures, then cruised the Expo Hall to discover all the latest in the world of fitness and exercise. There were 5 trends that stood out, and they are…

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Twin sisters Alexandra & Kymberly

Lose Weight or Maintain Weight Loss?

Weight loss is exciting. Weight maintenance is boring. Do you know the difference between the two? Do you tend to focus on only weight loss, forgetting that you can’t get to zero pounds, and so MUST transition to maintenance at some point? One of them focuses on what you EAT; the other, how you EXERCISE. Which chicken comes first, the Eat or the Exercise? Gotta read on to know…

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Your Fitness Bucket List

Why do you exercise? On those days you have to talk yourself into getting your sweat on, what motivates you to work out? Why not create a Fitness Bucket List? We did, and discovered ….

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Workout for Dads

As our parents (and grandparents) age, they tend to lose a lot of their strength, mobility and balance. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Father’s Day is right around the corner, so this mini-workout is designed to help older dads (and moms) get around that corner under their own power!

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Women: Health and Humor

Two women walk into a bar and ask, “Where’s the gym?” “Who’s Jim,” asks the bartender. The only person here is me, and I’m Hume. “Hume Cronyn the actor?” asks one of the women. “No,” he says, “Hume Moore.” Okay, it’s National Women’s Health Week and HUMOR helps your health in these ways…

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Unmentioned Benefits of Working Out: Guest Post

Could you be missing out of some of the “lesser known” benefits of working out and exercising? Guest author. Taylor Ryan shares 5 “unmentioned” bonuses.

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cactus flower with Motivational Quote

Motivational Quotes to Move You

Ever have a day (today maybe?) when you need extra motivation to get out and be active? If motivational quotes give you that extra push to work out, then you will enjoy today’s kick in the keester!

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Fun Fitness is More Than Exercise

It was a weekend full of fun, friends, food and fitness. It’s easy to exercise if you do what you love. Sometimes words that start with F lead to something good! What fun activities do you do that don’t seem at all like exercise?

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Exercise Kindness

Why am I writing about grief and loss on a blog about healthy living? Because I believe that all of us have a responsibility to reach out to those who have fallen out of health, both physical and mental. You do not need to have special training to be kind, smile at others, share a hug, or …

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