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Push Ups: Knees to Toes

Is it better to do toe push ups halfway or knee push ups with full range of motion? Or is there a third, super secret option? A reader wants arms that have people calling her a pistol packing mama.. But are 10 push ups enough, especially if they are “meh” quality?

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Easter Workout

Do you want a quick and easy way to get in some exercise this holiday weekend? Are you pressed for time? Good news: We have a full-body, quick workout for you that requires no…

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Patriot Push-Ups Challenge Round Up

January 2012 is now over, which means the Patriot Push-Ups Challenge is now over…sort of. The challenge was to do 1 push-up for every U.S. serviceman or woman killed in action in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Did anyone achieve it? Can you believe the number total people KIA was…

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Halfway Through 6,347 Patriot Push-Ups

We have been doing 212 push-ups every day so far in January to honor our servicemen and women killed in action in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Do you think we’ll be able to do all 6,347 Patriot Push-Ups? Find out…

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Fix That Posture!

What do shoulders and the theme song from the very old television show “Rawhide” have in common? They’re both rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. Want better posture? We start with some easy exercises to fix rounded shoulders. “We” means Alexandra – Kymberly is out of town (the slouch). hahaha. Get it?! She’s a sloucher. Oh, stop myself! No, don’t!

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4 More Useless Exercises

We offer four more useless exercises that seemed oh-so-clever at the time. By “at the time” we mean “BCS – Before Common Sense” as these moves were either plain silly or actually contraindicated (bad for you). Raise your donkey leg to the hydrant if you did these moves!

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Punch & Kick using your Core

Can’t Kickback with Kickbox Back Pain

Back pain, kickboxing and sleep go together like, er, um, a fish and bike? Okay, they don’t go together. If your back aches and you can’t sleep well after a kickbox class, something isn’t quite right. Is there a right and wrong way to kick? Is there a best position for sleeping? Click on the title to read more…

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Exercising with the Omni Ball

Have an (Omni)Ball with No Sit-Ups Required! Product Reviews

Today is a review of “unusual ways to exercise and get totally hot, buff, toned and awesome-licious.” Just for you, we tested the OmniBall (you must read to find out what that is) and the ‘No Sit-Ups Required” DVD. By “tested” we mean we focused sweaty minutes before and after dinner doing the moves. Yes, Fun & Fit both worked out just to see if these programs would give you fab-u-abs (and all the bits that are attached). Click on the title to read & discover if we collapsed!

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Gender Bias at the Core with Abs and Weight Loss

Do women really have an advantage over men when it comes to core stability and strength? Do men really think biceps bigger than a Smart car are appealing? Will Brad ever get his wish to be as good on stability balls as the women he’s seen?

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