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Are These Boomer-Friendly Fitness Trends in Your Future?

Which fitness products, trends, and exercises lie in your future active life? Catch highlights from the recent 2015 IHRSA Convention and Trade show. Would you try these new things suited for Boomers (or anyone who wants to age actively, yet has joint aches and pains and limitations)?!

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Watch tv or move?

Super Easy Super Bowl Seated Workout

Sneak in a few seated exercises without missing a minute of the big game. So Simple: So Super: So Super Bowl Sundayish! Grab a beer, a chair, the remote and be ready to cheer on your team with toned arms and legs!

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3 Exercises You Never Have to Do Again after 2012

We must, we must, we must build up our bust…and shoulders, and glutes. But not with ineffective exercises. As we say goodbye to 2012, it’s also time to say goodbye to a few of the more common, yet useless, exercises that are more myth than muscle.

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Lat PullDown with a Resistance Tube: Right and Wrong Ways

Doing a Lat PullDown with a Resistance Tube is a great way to strengthen your mid- and lower-back, improve your posture and give a lift to the chest. In the included video, the twins show the right and wrong ways to strengthen the back and lift the “girls.”

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Foam Rollers: They Hurt So Good

Foam rollers are an excellent tool for a group fitness class or personal training session, especially for muscle (myofascial) release. In essence, a foam roller can be used for self-massage, using your own body weight. You don’t know how to use the foam roller?! No worries – there’s an app for that!

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Bicep Curls: Wrong & Right Way

Hip helper, wrist helper, hamburger helper are all ways to make a bicep curl seem easier, but that are wrong! Well, maybe not hamburgers. If you want to know the wrong and right way to perform a bicep curl, just click-a-trick this link.

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Push-Ups: RIght and Wrong Way with Alexandra and Kymberly

Push-Ups: Right & Wrong Way

Push-ups are one of the best exercises around. By “around” we mean “that you can do anytime, anywhere, with no equipment except YOU!” To be truly effective, you need to do them with good form. We demonstrate that for you here, Then the dogs help show poor form. Push-Down Doggies!

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One-Legged Workout

As some of you may know, I had surgery on my foot last week. At my post-op visit, the doc used the word “horrific” to describe my big toe joint (bone spurs, zero cartilage, bone-on-bone) when he got in there during the surgery. But he didn’t say I couldn’t work out the other parts of my body! Read to discover just a few of the exercises that can still be safely done…

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Seuss Workout

A full body workout based on Dr. Seuss quotes. Couches are involved. And hair fountains. Don’t say “Weird,” and please don’t pout. Lace up your shoes and let’s work out! Oh, the planks you will do, the hills you will run. But fitness is good, and fitness is fun!

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Resistance Tube Workout

Who can resist resistance tubes? Not us apparently, as we have an excellent guest post WITH A VIDEO WORKOUT from our friend and fellow FitFluential ambassador Kodjo Hounnake. Get ready to drool over the shirtless Kodjo, er, work your triceps, shoulders and chest as you…

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