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7 Top Secret Reasons People Exercise

Waaay back in January, we answered a question about why people should exercise besides having the goal to lose weight. Courtesy of the Mayo Clinic, we gave the top 7 scientific, “just the facts, ma’am” reasons. That got a few people asking us, “Come on now, what really motivates people, especially if they don’t check research to know why to work out?!” So we prepared our list of Top 7 Reasons People Really Exercise. You’re welcome!

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Gender Bias at the Core with Abs and Weight Loss

Do women really have an advantage over men when it comes to core stability and strength? Do men really think biceps bigger than a Smart car are appealing? Will Brad ever get his wish to be as good on stability balls as the women he’s seen?

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Wave Bye-Bye to Baby Weight! More Than 5 Ab Exercises for Fallen Souffle Bellies

If your baby is older than a year, can you still claim that abs that resemble a fallen souffle are due to “baby fat”? What is the difference between baby fat and body fat? No fair saying that the former is on the baby! Once you get rid of that baby fat (sometime before your kid heads off to college) what do you do to get the taut, tight, toned abs you once had? Pretend that traveling back in time to your pre-parental days is not an option.

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Want Washboard Abs? 1 6-Pack to Go!

David wants a magic genie who will grant him just one wish – 6 pack abs. He’s willing to kiss almost anybody if it will help him achieve his goal. What else does a “reasonably fit 50ish man with good genes” want besides washboard abs? The type of workout that involves beaches, sunshine, backbends & twin kisses. Or did we just make that up?

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Kettlebell Workouts: Yes or No?

Ding dongs should not be wielding kettlebells. Only professionals need apply. And crazy Russians. Are kettelbells naughty or nice or just too loaded with spice? Like any piece of equipment, kettlebells are as good as the person using them or leading others in their use. So love your qualified trainer! And check credentials. Someone put the kettle on!

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Get No-Flab, Fab Abs: Part 3

“Dear Abby: My abs are so flabby. Please be gabby and grabby me some good advice before I get crabby. I want to be fabby throughout my abbies.” Yes, we at Fun and Fit get all sorts of requests. This week’s question is a clever disguise for wanting spot reducing, but we spotted that and have the decoded message. That’s what you get from the witty Dear Abby and Ann Landers of the fitness advice world! Click the title to read more.

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Get Fab 6-pack Abs: Part 2

Lose weight. Burn fat. Get 6-pack abs. These are the inalienable rights of the exerciser. Or the top three goals of most active adults. And the foundation of a billion dollar industry. So get in on the packed action and check out the moves we suggest for cashing in your 12-pack for a 6-pack.

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Get Fab Abs: Part 1

Our National Obsession – Having Fab-u-lous Abs! Come on! It’s our workout right! So what are THE BEST ab exercises to do? Yikes – another question to address while guessing at the goal. Best for function? Looks? Ease of execution? Best for using as many of the Abs muscles as possible? Ready for a belly poke and some hot advice for a 3-, 6-. or 12-pack?

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HomeBody Workout

There seem to be at least two Alexandras in Santa Barbara, and one of them wants to add some weight-training so she can drop that elusive last five pounds. And the other Alexandra? Meh! Not so much. She thinks a good exfoliant and scrub will slough it off. Women. Weights. Wow!

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Muscles, Myths and Miss Informed

Women and Weights? Do they go together? Is it a myth or fact that women can get huge muscles from weight-training? Does just being in the same room with bars and plates turn women into bodybuilders? And is a tiny swimsuit the best outfit for weight-training?

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