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Indoor Cycle my A**, er, Glutes. And Calves.

Two friends walk into a gym and hop onto the indoor cycles. Or recumbent bikes. Whichever.Anyway, one feels it in her calves, the other in her glutes and quads. What’s to blame for the difference? Click on the title to find out as we give no bum steers for these calves!

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Weight Gain & Injuries & Strength, Oh My!

You want to get stronger. You want to lose weight. You want more energy. You want to wrestle with your kids…and win! But you have old injuries that flare up. Is there a solution (besides lowering your standards)? Click on the title for the WWF true action answer.

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Products for your internal system

Spring into Healthy Habits – 30 Day Challenge

Are you ready to create the habits that will keep you fit for a lifetime? Do you want to lead a healthier, more fit, active and vibrant life AND win gifts, prizes and coupons? The secret to a healthier, slimmer, more fit you lies in your daily choices and habits. Why do more of the same when it’s not working? Our Spring into Healthy Habits 30 Day Challenge will share exercise, motivation, nutrition/diet, and lifestyle tips to put you on the road to lasting change in just 30 days!

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Exercising with the Omni Ball

Have an (Omni)Ball with No Sit-Ups Required! Product Reviews

Today is a review of “unusual ways to exercise and get totally hot, buff, toned and awesome-licious.” Just for you, we tested the OmniBall (you must read to find out what that is) and the ‘No Sit-Ups Required” DVD. By “tested” we mean we focused sweaty minutes before and after dinner doing the moves. Yes, Fun & Fit both worked out just to see if these programs would give you fab-u-abs (and all the bits that are attached). Click on the title to read & discover if we collapsed!

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Can stretching make your metabolism zoom?

Get a Metabolic Boost from Stretching? Cardio? Strength Training?

You want a metabolic boost? We got your post-workout extended caloric expenditure right here! The answer is stretching? Wait, that’s wrong. Strength training and cardio are your tickets to elevated metabolic rate post activity. So why do stretches afterward? And what’s with those slackers who don’t stretch? Are they falling into an abyss of Ass…umptions?

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Abs Revealed (Butts Not)

Abs Revealed, but I Don’t Want to See Your Butt

Today our review is about Abs, and how they can be Revealed in all their glory! So suck in and suck it up, suckers! We received both the book “Abs Revealed” and the app that goes with it, titled (oddly enough) “Abs Revealed: The Exercise i-Library,” by Jonathan Ross. He was chosen as Personal Trainer of the Year two times by industry professionals, so our expectations were high. Which reminds me of a coffee mug I’ve had for years, which says, “If at first you don’t succeed, lower your standards.” To read your way to buff abs, click on the title!

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Stability, Balance and Age

Does balance have to decrease with age? How can you increase stability and balance with each passing year? Can “The Who” and Alfred Hitchcock help at all? Let’s just state right up front that drinking and balance go together like fish and bicycles! Please click on the title link to see the whole post.

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You broke your WHAT during spring break?

Move That Duff if You Want to Be Buff!

Sore back, weak core, weight gain and feeling gross–none of these sound like Nick is heading for a successful Spring Break. Is there something he can do that doesn’t require crunches and is really easy? Something easier than finding a magic wand or unicorn? Like patting the computer monitor and rubbing his abs? Does an ice cream diet work?

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Celebrities, Cellulite, Fat

Cellulite: Special Exercises for Special Fat?

Myth or Magic: Can creams, massage, herbals, heat therapy, injections or surgery get rid of cellulite? What the heck is cellulite? And most importantly – Can I get rid of it if I exercise? By the way, you can only blame your parents for your cellulite up to a point. After that, you either need magic or movement! Please click on the title to read the entire post.

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7 Top Secret Reasons People Exercise

Waaay back in January, we answered a question about why people should exercise besides having the goal to lose weight. Courtesy of the Mayo Clinic, we gave the top 7 scientific, “just the facts, ma’am” reasons. That got a few people asking us, “Come on now, what really motivates people, especially if they don’t check research to know why to work out?!” So we prepared our list of Top 7 Reasons People Really Exercise. You’re welcome!

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