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Easter Workout

Do you want a quick and easy way to get in some exercise this holiday weekend? Are you pressed for time? Good news: We have a full-body, quick workout for you that requires no…

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3 Tips for Preventing Shin Splints

Do you want to prevent shin splints? Of course you do! Whether you are a runner, walker, or simply someone who gives too much love to your calf muscles and neglects your lonely shin muscles, it’s easy to prevent pain. And it’s actually quite easy if you follow our exercise tips. Our first tip is to…

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Knee Strap

Brace for Good News About Bad Knees

Do sore knees threaten to keep you from working out? Then exercise your right to protect and strengthen them. But how? Brace yourself for our suggestions.

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Are Skechers Sketchy, Steppy, or Peppy?

Skechers sent us two different types of tone-up fitness shoes, knowing we’d give our honest opinion. You’ll have to read the whole post to find out if we liked them. Either way, we know how to spell “Skechers.”

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4 More Useless Exercises

We offer four more useless exercises that seemed oh-so-clever at the time. By “at the time” we mean “BCS – Before Common Sense” as these moves were either plain silly or actually contraindicated (bad for you). Raise your donkey leg to the hydrant if you did these moves!

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yay for exercise balls

Inner Thigh Exercises to Rock Your Jeans

Do you wear out the inner seams in your jeans and shorts because your thighs rub together? Susan is having an Inner Thigh crisis and wonders whether Fun and Fit have exercise ideas that incorporate her stability ball, which she currently uses as a closet accessory. Kymberly falls for the ball and Alexandra’s evil trick in this week’s video.

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Fitness Squats

Wrong & Right Way to Do a Squat

Most people do squats wrong, then wonder why their backs or knees hurt. It’s a shame because squats are so good for the lower body (that includes your booty)! So we decided to show you both the wrong and right way to do a squat. Click on the title to admire our great form!

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Lower bodies of 3 guys

Why Is My Lower Body in Pain After Running & Walking?

Sherry didn’t collect seashells by the seashore, but she did get sore after a total of 31 miles of running and walking. What could have caused all her lower body pain? Overuse? DOMS? Crazy Q Angle? What do those mean and did Sherry stretch safely since Sunday? Click on the link to discover the secret!

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Indoor Cycle my A**, er, Glutes. And Calves.

Two friends walk into a gym and hop onto the indoor cycles. Or recumbent bikes. Whichever.Anyway, one feels it in her calves, the other in her glutes and quads. What’s to blame for the difference? Click on the title to find out as we give no bum steers for these calves!

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Exercising with the Omni Ball

Have an (Omni)Ball with No Sit-Ups Required! Product Reviews

Today is a review of “unusual ways to exercise and get totally hot, buff, toned and awesome-licious.” Just for you, we tested the OmniBall (you must read to find out what that is) and the ‘No Sit-Ups Required” DVD. By “tested” we mean we focused sweaty minutes before and after dinner doing the moves. Yes, Fun & Fit both worked out just to see if these programs would give you fab-u-abs (and all the bits that are attached). Click on the title to read & discover if we collapsed!

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