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Fitness Health Bloggers Conference: Staying Fit While Traveling

The recent Fitness Health Bloggers Conference (FHBC) was held in Denver, Colorado. I live in Santa Barbara, California. So of course I decided to drive 1,200 miles, each way, rather than fly. And I discovered it is possible to stay somewhat active and eat reasonably well while on a road trip, as long as you…

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Growing a Fit Child: It’s Graduation Day

It’s high school graduation day, time to look back to the life lessons we hope we’ve taught our kids. Did I raise my son to be healthy and happy, and to be full of purpose and joy? Did I pass along healthy habits that will help him succeed?

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Take Good Care of Your Hair (and Skin & Eyes)

After a 5K walk this past weekend to raise money for research into eye diseases, especially retinitis pigmentosa, we were thinking about how being fit is more than just weight and muscles. It’s also about the health and appearance of your eyes, skin and hair. So we are sharing some well-made products that have ingredients and results we like.

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11 Random, Yet Enticing, Tidbits about Alexandra

I was tagged (kind of like chain mail) to do a post sharing 11 random things about myself. I normally don’t like to share…unless it involves raw mushrooms, in which case I will share ALL of them, but I can’t disappoint my friends, so this is my contribution. For the first time in over 100 years, I shall reveal the true story about my…

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No, It’s Not “Perfect Body” Season

The Perfect Body is yours. The one you were born with. Trends & cultural expectations may change, but keeping yourself in good health is always in fashion! Ease up on yourself, enjoy your holidays and continue to exercise!

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Are Skechers Sketchy, Steppy, or Peppy?

Skechers sent us two different types of tone-up fitness shoes, knowing we’d give our honest opinion. You’ll have to read the whole post to find out if we liked them. Either way, we know how to spell “Skechers.”

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A Perfect 10 Halloween Costume

Just in time for Halloween Alexandra and Kymberly went on a field trip to their closets and the thrift store to help you choose just the right 1980s or 1990s fitness fashion outfit. Vote for your favorite (if you can narrow down all that goodness)!

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yay for exercise balls

Inner Thigh Exercises to Rock Your Jeans

Do you wear out the inner seams in your jeans and shorts because your thighs rub together? Susan is having an Inner Thigh crisis and wonders whether Fun and Fit have exercise ideas that incorporate her stability ball, which she currently uses as a closet accessory. Kymberly falls for the ball and Alexandra’s evil trick in this week’s video.

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Running clothes - 1980s

Wrong & Right Way to Run in Place

Back in the 80s, we all jogged in place for exercise! Turned out there was a wrong and right way to do it. And today, some people are still trying to go back to the future with their running style! Click on the title to see and learn about the wrong and right way to run in place! Or just to admire Alexandra’s leotard.

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Louis van Amstel LaBlast Fitness Creator

Have a LaBlast with Louis van Amstel, Dancing With the Stars Dance & Fitness Pro

Fun and Fit sat down at the recent IDEA Convention a few weeks ago–drooling allowed!–to chat (in English and a little Dutch) with Louis van Amstel from Dancing With The Stars, just before he taught his fun and energizing LaBlast Fitness class to 500 instructors from around the world. Click on the Title to watch the interview! Click on a magic wand to see Kymberly shake her samba thang in his class.

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