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Be Heart Healthy

The news if full of dire warnings about the health of our nation. But YOU can take steps down the Almond Brick Road to improve your heart health. Step one: Exercise. Step Two: Eat…..

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Fun Fitness is More Than Exercise

It was a weekend full of fun, friends, food and fitness. It’s easy to exercise if you do what you love. Sometimes words that start with F lead to something good! What fun activities do you do that don’t seem at all like exercise?

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Healthy Cereals for Every Taste

Eat breakfast.Eat cereal. Whether the two go together or not, you have tasty, healthy options like never before. We ate a lot of cereal to share with you some that we believe are …

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Belly Up to the (Protein) Bar

If you are into protein bars, then the place to try the World’s Biggest Selection is at the Natural Products Expo West. We came home probably with our weight in protein bars (Alexandra is only 100 pounds…plus some bonus points). We shall now discuss in essay form all the bars that passed our tantalizing taste buds test. It was the easiest test of our lives (well, maybe excluding the ice creams we tried, but we won’t talk about that). Yet…

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Giveaway: LesserEvil & The Greater Good

When we win, you win! Courtesy of LesserEvil healthy alternative snack company, you get a chance to win the iPad3; we received bags of LesserEvil baked, NON GMO, gluten-free chips and popcorn to try out. Then we got selected to be part of this giveaway. Enter both the tasty zone and the contest. You know we work hard to bring you only the best and the wittiest.

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Milk Doesn’t Always Come from Cows: Product Review

At the recent Natural Products Expo West, we took our sampling duties seriously (in this case, “seriously” means “we tried a lot of drinks”), and drank our way through milk and milk substitute products. Our goal? To let you know the options in the milky world. Some of the products we’d tried before. Many were totally new to us, including some almond and soy milk options. In our slosh-fest tests, we discovered ….

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Family Fitness: 3 Products that Help

Long, long ago, in a galaxy right inside our mailbox, we received a number of items related to family fitness. We tested them out on our kids, pets, and students, and the following three look like winners! A book, a board game, and a…

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3 Top Natural Living Trends: Be Free!

Having just spent four fun, fab, furiously paced days at the Natural Products Expo West event, we noticed certain healthy living trends. Chances are YOU are contributing to these trends. In the natural and organic world, it’s all about being FREE: gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, GMO-free, guilt-free! We noticed 3 trends in particular, which are …

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Fitness Finds at the Health Freedom Expo

We went to the Health Freedom Expo in Los Angeles last Sunday. Somewhere between winning a 30-Day supply of BoKU Superfood and testing the bouncing exercise chair, we found bliss, joy and …

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Healthy School Lunches

What’s in your child’s school lunch? School is back in session so we invited two high school seniors to write a guest post about what teens really want in their lunch bag!

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