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Push-Ups: RIght and Wrong Way with Alexandra and Kymberly

Push-Ups: Right & Wrong Way

Push-ups are one of the best exercises around. By “around” we mean “that you can do anytime, anywhere, with no equipment except YOU!” To be truly effective, you need to do them with good form. We demonstrate that for you here, Then the dogs help show poor form. Push-Down Doggies!

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Can stretching make your metabolism zoom?

Get a Metabolic Boost from Stretching? Cardio? Strength Training?

You want a metabolic boost? We got your post-workout extended caloric expenditure right here! The answer is stretching? Wait, that’s wrong. Strength training and cardio are your tickets to elevated metabolic rate post activity. So why do stretches afterward? And what’s with those slackers who don’t stretch? Are they falling into an abyss of Ass…umptions?

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Gender Bias at the Core with Abs and Weight Loss

Do women really have an advantage over men when it comes to core stability and strength? Do men really think biceps bigger than a Smart car are appealing? Will Brad ever get his wish to be as good on stability balls as the women he’s seen?

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Muscles, Myths and Miss Informed

Women over 50 and Weights? Do they go together? Is it a myth or fact that women can get huge muscles from weight-training? Does just being in the same room with bars and plates turn women into bodybuilders? And is a tiny swimsuit the best outfit for weight-training?

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No Hulk! No Bulk!

Losing weight: Is it just about cardio activity and how many kcals you take in and burn? Did you know that weight training might just be the best way to train your weight? You can’t lose some bulk without lifting some bulk (Weights that is. Black Gold. Texas Tea. — Obscure tv reference). Jed Clampett vs. She-Hulk. Hulk and Bulk–makes a catchy name for a snack food.

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