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Patriot Push-Ups Challenge Round Up

by Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

January 2012 is now over, which means the Patriot Push-Ups Challenge is now over…sort of. Before we explain the “sort of,” let’s recap what the challenge is.

Come on, only 210 to go!

Joe Evans, Matthew Poster and Alexandra started talking on Twitter about honoring our U.S. servicemen and women who were killed in action in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. We decided to do a Patriot Push-Ups Challenge. That meant 6,347 push-ups in the 31 days of January. We’ll do the math for you – it’s essentially 212 per day.

Halfway through the Patriot Push-Ups, we highlighted some of the participants. Now we shall show you some video of a few of our very dedicated participants. You’ll want to read all the way through!


This is Joe Evans. We think he did all of them on his toes. At something like 4 in the morning. He is a military man. He is very disciplined. Chat with him on Twitter.


This is Matthew Poster. He has been encouraging families to get active for a long time. Chat with him on Twitter about his GetFitSu workout cards.


And this is Chuck Runyon. He owns Anytime Fitness. They donated a one-year membership to one of our challengers. When Chuck isn’t doing push-ups, he’s touring the country, talking about his book Working Out Sucks. But you know, it’s all relative. We think the 6,347 men and women who died on our behalf would much rather work out and be alive. They were killed in action. Honor them – don’t kill yourself from inaction!

Now we’ll explain what the “sort of ” alluded to at the start means: Although we’re done with the January push-ups, we are going to switch over to #PatriotAbs for February. Since it has only 29 days in the month, that means 219 per day. Please join us by commenting below. If you’re on Twitter, use the Patriot Abs hashtag listed here.

And finally…please help us congratulate Angela (@KidsHusbandandI). She is the winner of the one-year Anytime Fitness membership. She did her push-ups very diligently as she was quite motivated (even with a bad shoulder). As she said, “My motivation for doing the push-ups is to show my appreciation for the US Troops that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  My father is a Vietnam Veteran and I will always hold a special place in my heart for our soldiers.  As soon as I read the push-ups idea, I knew it was something I would do.”


Photo Credit: Robert Couse-Baker via Creative Commons


7 Reasons to Hire Us to Blog & Vlog for You

By Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

We’ve been exercising in one form or another for our entire lives (hello modern dance droopy kid leotards), and writing about exercise for over half our lives. We love both. What a great life it is, to be able to write about something that makes us feel good, look good, get smarter and healthier, and increase our quality of life!

Can you tell us apart?

Since we like to pay our bills (that pesky Santa Barbara mortgage), and buy great fitness fashions and healthy food, we thought we’d emphasize our skills with this fun little video. Someone on YouTube said it’s too long, so if you think that’s the case, just skip to all the bits with me! Of course, I’m not going to say which one of us is “me” in this scenario.




Since we love to write and read, here are the 7 reasons EVERYONE should hire us to blog and vlog for them:

7. We’re editors ourselves, so the articles we write are diamonds, not rough. Wouldn’t you rather have articles that are already organized, have good grammar and punctuation, and are spelling error free?

6. We blog, we vlog, but we can’t clog. Watch the video to see for yourself. We also do workshops, emceeing, tweetchats, reviews, and presentations. We never met a mic we didn’t like!

5. We have great definition! Wait, I mean, we give good definition. Ah heck, we know how to use big words. Effervescently!

4. We work hard to create traffic flow. Except for windy, narrow mountain roads.

3. We write with Punch, Snap, a Hook and an Angle. We are the fitness step-cousins to John Le Carre’s “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.”

2. We’ve taught for almost 3 decades, on 4 continents, in at least 5 languages, so we know Fitness!

And the #1 reason you should hire us…we are professional writers with hundreds of published pieces that range from research features to short lists. Click to learn more about Kymberly and/or Alexandra. We’re also proud to be FitFluential ambassadors, a group of top influencers in social media for fitness!

P.S. Although we are both for hire, Kymberly is also for sale. Make an offer. She comes with a cute puppy.

Readers: What are you strengths and skills?


Push-ups for Patriots

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

It’s the new year, which means lots of fitness challenges. So of course we resolved to NOT do a January fitness challenge. Especially one that involves push-ups!

We love push-ups

One down; 6346 to go!

But we changed our minds when we met our new Twitter friend Joe Evans. Joe served three tours of duty in Afghanistan; one in Iraq. Alexandra mentioned that she’d do push-ups in his honor. Here’s his response:Push-ups and Joe Evans



 (*OEF = Operation Enduring Freedom; OIF = Operation Iraqi Freedom)

Our friend Matthew Poster saw our tweets and put this out there:

Who could resist a challenge from two good-looking, fitness-oriented guys, especially considering that Joe has gone through way more on our behalf than simply having sore muscles?! One push-up for each American killed in action. Then we found out was exactly how high that number is!

Yes, you read that right: 6,347 Americans killed in action. So 6,347 push-ups. In one month. That works out to about 212 push-ups per day if you start today, the 2nd of January. Feeling shocked? Think you can’t achieve it? Perhaps you feel the same way Matthew did when he saw the number. We admit to being a little daunted ourselves, but as we always say here at Fun and Fit, “baby steps count” so we’ll start with the first one and work our way up and down and up from there!

Joe is going to do them too. So are we. You might be thinking, “What do push-ups have to do with honoring our servicepeople?” Probably not much. But when you think of the physical and mental rigors Joe and all his colleagues have gone through, 212 daily push-ups don’t seem so insurmountable, do they?

We’ll be on our knees after the first 50 or so. Possibly on our faces after the first 100. And by 101, we’ll figure out that we don’t have to do all 212 at once. Nor on the floor. Hey, wall push-ups count as real exercise! And keep in mind that the day has a lot of hours in it.  You can kick out a quick 10 just waiting in line at the grocery store. We dare ya!

And before your typing finger goes numb from the push-ups, be sure to follow Joe and Matthew on Twitter and say hi. We totally blame thank them for this idea. (We hope you follow us as well at @AlexandraFunFit and @KymberlyFunFit).

BTW, feel lucky Joe said “Americans” in his original tweet. Go here and you’ll see that the number for ALL the coalition forces killed in action is a whopping 7,649. We don’t even want to do the math for how many daily push-ups that would be!

Leave us a comment below to let us know you’re in. And when you tweet about it, use the hashtag #PatriotPushups so our servicemen and women will know you’re thinking about them. And when you’re not thinking of them, your muscles will remind you. We mean your buff, toned, taut, strong pecs, triceps, biceps, traps, and rhomboids thanks to taking part in the Patriot Push-Up Challenge.

This just in: Anytime Fitness has offered a free one-year membership to one totally lucky person who completes the challenge. You have to live within 30 miles of one of their clubs (they have 1,805 locations so chances are good), and not be a current member. Is that cool or what?

To be eligible to win the free one-year membership, you just need to leave a comment below letting us know you’re part of the challenge. It’s on the honor system whether or not you finish, but why would someone lie about doing something to show we’re thinking of our troops? Feel free to tweet tweet  (nope, that’s not a typo; check the links) us or let us know on Facebook how it’s going, but that’s not required. We’ve also put links above to Anytime Fitness in case you want to tweet them about your progress! We’ll pull one winner from a sweaty shoe on February 1st, 2012. Okay, we’ll really pull a winner’s name from a shoe, not an actual winner!


Are you a Good Witch or a Who Which?: Telling Twins Apart

by Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams,MA

Dear Fun and Fit, K and A:

Which one is which in the photos on the top left of  your website???

Debbie, Goleta, CA

Only Their Hairdresser Knows for Sure

Kymberly: Easy shmeasy. In fact, we get asked that question all the time. The cute one is Kymberly. If you exercise regularly, maintain healthy eating habits, brake for animals, and generally have a merry attitude toward life, you can grow up to be just like me — a 4th grader with adorable catwoman glasses.

Alexandra: The top left what? I am always on top, because I am a top-notch kind of gal. My jokes are tops and my manners are top-drawer. One of the many things you need to know about Kymberly; she has been a liar since 4th grade. Pick the one you think is cutest–that one is me, no matter what my mom says and she has no idea, as we discovered to our dismay. Debbie, I am going to tell you a secret (if you are a regular FnF reader, you know we LOVE secrets). We had stand-ins for those photos. We were so good-looking at that age that the photographer broke down in tears of ecstasy and never got fully revived. So those are some other red-headed, freckle-faced, uneven haircut, glasses-wearing, super sweeties in any case.

K: So that gives you another clue: the overly confident one is Alexandra. The appropriately confident one is Kymberly. Alexandra will give you one more clue, which, if you follow will help you burn one calorie.

Wonder No More at the Wonder Twins!

A: To find the answer to your question, you will have to go to the About Us page. All will be revealed.

Readers: What tricks and skills have you used to tell identical twins apart? What question do you most want to ask twins?


Fix That Posture!

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Short. Sweet. I am either talking about this post or myself! We shall see. And you shall see…how to fix some common posture issues.


X Marks the Trigger Points on the Traps

First of all, we’ll start with the most common issue – forward and inward rotation of the shoulders. That’s the techhie way of saying, “Hey, your shoulders are rounded.”


1. Roll them up and back, shawty!

2. Strengthen the muscles in the mid-back so you’ll be straight up.

That’s it for today. Go do your exercises. And you’re welcome for the lovely combo of my striped shirt (to make it easier for you see if I’m standing up straight and symmetrically) and those Hawaiian-themed curtains. You’re especially welcome for the fact that my son likes to cut my head off in videos! What can I say – he’s a teen!

And I’ll take a moment to share a secret with you – we were listed on as one of the Top Ten Inspirational Fitness Facebook fan pages. If you haven’t checked it out, please give it a look-see lookie-loo.

Picture credit:Trigger Point Relief