Be Your Body’s Best Friend

Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Readers: It’s halfway through January and some of you are frustrated by the gap between your resolutions and solutions. The other half of you don’t do resolutions and are frustrated more by the fact that it’s a long time until spring break! And the other half of you (this math is taken straight from the calculus textbooks) have given up and are just pissed. Three of you are working out while reading this!

Best Friends Know What’s What

Here’s the deal – it doesn’t matter in the end how much Kymberly and I know–which is a freakin’ lot –about fitness and health and living a quality life, if our information doesn’t make an impact. What really matters is YOU: your choices, your decisions, your actions! Okay, to us, we matter too! But our information can only help you if you help you! Let me tell you a story:I have a dad. Kymberly has a dad. Same guy, now that I think of it. We love our dad. But he can’t walk very well. And when he does walk, it’s with a cane and he goes very sloooooowly. And when he falls, he can’t get himself up. How did this happen? No accident, no disease, no genetic reason, he just formed bad habits over time. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. His life is limited because he didn’t choose to make changes when he could. Now he is ruled by his limitations. All his physical limitations are self-induced. You got that? Every problem he has is due to lifestyle.

We, his daughters the exercise experts, could do nothing to help him because he wasn’t motivated. I love having my dad’s genetics, because I can stay healthy my whole life as long as I exercise and eat right (almost) every day until I die. That’s all there is to it. That’s the big secret. I am genetically built to have a great quality of life.

NOT choosing to take care of your health IS making a choice. If you always put off taking that one small step, you are choosing the path of bad habits. Take a look at this hysterical video my mom sent along:


It has nothing to do with health or fitness, but it explains why I’m about to say


Don’t wait until you’re in a wheelchair or can’t get up or your doctor says your obesity is the cause of your health problems. Those drastic conditions are created by thousands of small poor choices. Being healthy isn’t about drastic changes either; it’s about small good choices. Lot’s of good choices.

So what’s it going to be? What can you do TODAY? What is ONE THING you can do? Only YOU have to live in your body. YOU control its destiny. It’s YOUR job to be its best friend. Be a good best friend. And we are there to help.

Best Friends Will Jump With You

Thank you to all who have signed up for our 30-Day Fitness Challenge. We are honored to be your partners in this journey. I am especially excited because most of my journeys involve road trips with Kymberly and we know how much she can talk! And she ALWAYS remembers her back-seat driver’s license!

In honor of the great body your parents gave you at birth, we’d love to know what you are doing today to be a friend to your body.

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