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So you like our style, eh? And you wish you had someone just like Fun and Fit working on your behalf? Be sad no more. You can hire someone exactly like us – so exact that it is us. What special talents do we have, you ask? Check out this list of stuff we are super good at, and have lots of experience doing:

Event Speakers – Ready to add an element of fun, activity, and interaction to your convention, sales meeting, conference, block party or book club get together? Hire Fun and Fit to take attendees’ fitness questions live and on stage. Info-tainment at its finest and fittest.

Emceeing – You have an event. You have lots of people coming. You need to keep them engaged and entertained. Yup, Fun and Fit never saw a microphone they didn’t love. Your event will never be the same again. And we don’t cuss neither, cuz that ain’t nice or perfeshinul

Convention Blogging – Fun or Fit will come to your convention, blog about it and make it sound really enticing.

Editing – Are you even surprised? We are excellent at word “remodels.” We take all those commas, run-on sentences, verb tenses, spelling misfires and words, and move them around until your writing makes sense and is ready to publish – perfectly!

Serving as Radio Guests or Guest Hosts – Our mellifluous tones and hearty chuckles make us naturals for on-air activity and attitude. We have faces for radio, but we’ve been on tv too, so there! We think fast and speak even faster. Sometimes our brains can’t even keep up with our words. That’s when the magic happens.


The Click and Clack of the fitness world are as funny as THE Car Guys..Kymberly and Alexandra entertained and wowed our 1,000+ attendees at the 4th annual International Women’s Festival. They entertain, inspire and engage  the audience and the playful way they interact with each other wins over even the toughest critic. We could not have done the Women’s Festival without their professional help before and during the event!
– Patty DeDominic, founder of the Santa Barbara Women’s Festival
You should take your show to the radio waves. I’ve heard you two riff live and it’s possibly funnier than reading you.
– Sandy Todd Webster, editor in chief, IDEA Fitness Journal

Our members and staff are still talking about your presentation last year and we would love to work with you again.
– Hannah Jacobs, Jodi House Brain Injury Support Center

Thank you so much for doing such an incredible job as the MC for our annual Congregational dinner!! You are so amazing. Without much notice and without any preparation on our part, you made the evening go so smoothly. It was so much fun. Thanks again for agreeing to MC and for doing such an outstanding job.
– Debbie Mackie, co-chair LOUU canvass

This is our marketing book, with lots of samples of our writing and more! It’s time to Lighten Up and Tighten Up with Fun and Fit (aka Kymberly and Alexandra). You can read the entire book by clicking on that magical link!


Contact us at and we will happily discuss your needs, our experience and our possible future together. Obviously, we can’t discuss rates here, as we have no idea how complex or last-minute your project is. But we can discuss them with you in person (by which we mean by phone or email).

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