4 Useless Exercises

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

In our years of teaching, we have definitely seen some wacky exercise choices. We could do a list of 100, but decided to randomly pick 4 that we’ve either taught (Hello 1980s) or seen colleagues teach. We’re sure these all made sense at the time, you know, before anatomy & physiology were invented. Possibly a few laws of physics too.

1. Arm circles – jog in place and circle your arms around until your shoulders fall off.

Cardio Arm Circles

Cardio Arm Circles are Serious Business

2. Side-lying leg lifts – Think “feel the burn.” Why would you want to feel burned?

side-lying leg raise

Jane, that doesn't even look comfortable!

3. Windmill toe-touches – Way to go with the unsupported forward flexion and repeated, quick spinal rotation.

Cardio Windmills

Come on, Twist that Spine w/ Windmills

4. Frantic “bicycle” crunches – elbows forward and to knees, with wild spinal twists. By the way, if you slow down and do this one with good form, it goes from the “silly” to the “great exercise” category. In the spirit of sharing, here is the correct way to do this one (note armpits, not elbows, to knees slowly).

PS Yes, we did survive all of the above. Somehow…..

Exercisers: What are some of the most useless moves or exercises you have done?

Photo credits: Creative Commons – loufi

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