3 Advanced Plank Exercises

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Don't Tank Your Plank!

Ready for a core challenge that involves more Advanced Plank variations? If your Plank Didn’t Stank after our Beginning to Intermediate Plank Moves post, then try these 3 progressions to strengthen your abs and torso.

No Tankin’ on your Plankin’! 

If you find your hips Twistin’ the Night Away, then back up one progression until you can hold fairly steady and level. Remember that you get results where you put tension. So if you can relax your face and push long through your elbows and down with your shoulders, you’ll put the focus into your core and out of the face and neck.  Oh, and BREATHE! It’s free and oh so helpful when holding a plank.

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