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Left Unsupervised with the Blog

Dear Fun & Fit:
What is the best way to have fun when your workout partner is gone?
Signed, an excited twin who is going to have fun while Kymberly is out of town.

Friends Forever, er, A While

Dear Myself:
Since I love lists, I thought I’d write up all the fun stuff I’ve been doing while the cat is away (I’m nervous about calling myself a mouse, though, because one of my cats keeps leaving mouse bits on the rug – squeeeeee).

Crap I Do When She Can’t Stop Me

1. Go to Kymberly’s house and touch her stuff. Her light switch, her dirty dishes, her two kitties (and are they pissed), her computer. Touch, touch, touch. Psssst, wanna know her password? Me too.

What's the dang password?

2. Whisper into her cats’ ears – “You know you like me better. Scratch her when she comes home. Barf on the table. Oh, too late.” Suckity suck, they were supposed to barf after she came home. Stupid cats.

3. Sub all her fitness classes. Ha ha, wait till Kymberly finds out I told ALL her students that she’d moved and the class formats were now changed to pole dancing. Hey, where are you all going? Did you forget your poles?

That's me teaching class

4. Wear her clothes. NOT. Have you seen her selection? It’s from the Fashion School of Fashion – 1980s style. Note to self: shoot Kymberly’s clothes and put them out of their misery.
5. Throw away all her processed foodstuff icky nasty fake food shouldn’t be eaten by humans (or things that breathe & swallow) meat products and anything older than my leg warmers. Ha ha, not really. I didn’t throw it away – I might have buried it under the septic tank, though.
6. Put her toilet lid down.

I warned you to keep the lid down

7. Answer her phone and pretend they’ve reached a 900 line. “Oh, you want (deep breath) Kymberly? She’s (pause) busy right now. Can she return your call in 4 or 5 days after she’s (said in deep voice) decent? muah hah haha ha” Click.
8. Steal her space heater and put it in my house. Write up denial script in case she recognizes it and tries to take it back.
9. Draw mustaches and cleavage on all her Fun & Fit photos. Go look if you don’t believe me.
10. Make up vicious lies about her, then publish them!

Have a great 2011. Here’s to a fun, fit, healthy lifestyle. And sisters.

Okay, nothing to do with the post, but...Damn!

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“New Year=New You: 30 Day Challenge” is Coming

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit Readers, Movers, and (Booty) Shakers:

Pretend this is Kymberly after the Challenge

Do you want to become healthier, more fit, leaner, stronger, happier, more focused and um, where was I? Oh, right – focused…smarter, better-looking and on your way to a healthier lifestyle? All for under $10? Me too. Um, how exactly? Why, through the upcoming New Year=New You: 30 Day Fitness Challenge.

Starting shortly, you and all your friends, relatives, associates, Twitter twerps, workmates, stalkers, gurus, gym pals, neighbors, high school sweethearts and casual acquaintances will have the option to sign up for the Fun and Fit version of gettin’ your get up and go to giddy up! We’re making the gig ridiculously accessible cuz’ that’s how we roll and we want you and everyone you know to take part. Let’s get this 2011 fitness party started!

Our New Year=New You: 30 Day Fitness Challenge will share practical movement tips, motivational quotes, achievable lifestyle small steps, nutrition/diet hints, fitness facts and a lots of Fit-Tastic information that will put you on the road to lasting change. We’re so excited, we’re going to take our own advice and sign up! Okay, Kymberly will actually take Alexandra’s advice–that’s just how it works around here.

The New Year=New You: 30 Day Fitness Challenge is different and better than all those other programs you may have tried because it will offer well-rounded (like my butt-yes, that’s me in the picture above) advice that has already been proven effective for the thousands and thousands of students we’ve worked with over the years: practical, realistic, achievable and long-lasting lifestyle changes that you can use long after the 30 days are over. No gimmicks, no undue suffering, no taunting, no unsafe or short-term results; just new habits you will “sneak” into your lifestyle. Meanwhile, the 30 days are long enough to help you instill great habits with each day’s “challenge” while being short enough to stick with the jump start to 2011 and a new you.

Wanted: 1000 Challenge Participants

We hope to post YOUR photos, feedback, goofy moments, and successes–right next to the blackmail photos of Kymberly as she spends 30 days trying to work off 5 years of (dare I say it?) bad habits!

Old Year=Old Me: Pre-Challenge

The secret to success with the New Year=New You: 30 Day Fitness Challenge? We give you help, not take away things you love (hellooooo sprinkle donuts)! No Burn Out, just Bum Up (that’s British for “butt”). So make a New Year’s resolution you will feel good about throughout the year. Keep your eye on our site and hand on your credit card for sign-up details…as soon as we figure out how to set that up. We did mention that fitness, not tech knowledge, is our strength, right?

Quick Quiz Question (to be answered to Challenge participants): Do you burn more calories in one hour of hard core, full core, super duper exercise or in the other 23 hours of the day (even if those 23 hours are lethargic and mosey paced)? Knowing the correct answer will help guide your training choices.


Healthy Holiday Motivation – 5 Tips

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

I'm Dreaming of a White...

This is the time of year when millions thousands a crapload of people you and your best friends Betty and Veronica make resolutions and promises, some of them involving blood, toil, tears and sweat (quick, history buffs, who said this?)! This Season of Determination is quickly followed by the Season of Broken Dreams, as resolutions go out the door faster than old eggnog (an evil holiday beverage).

But do not despair; instead get motivated. There are ways to help yourself get and stay motivated to implement your goals.

Season of Broken Dreams

1. Focus on the Process, not the Outcome–The process is the road there; the outcome is the final destination. You cannot get from here to there without some sort of journey. In practice, this means take it one step at a time. Set yourself up for success by naming and writing down the steps it will take to get you where you want to be. “Get Super Buff” is a fuzzy outcome, because it’s not defined. What would that look like for you, and how will you get there?

Journey, not Destination

2. Make it More Fun–If you hate running, why promise yourself you’ll start a running program? In this situation, “running” is spelled F.A.I.L.U.R.E. As I mention in our Womensradio  radio broadcast on this topic, if you love to dance to Led Zeppelin, that’s what will be fun for you. Who cares if everyone else loves boot camp if your thing is boogie-ing down to disco classics?

Boogie Down with your Fit Self

3. Allow Yourself Opportunities for Mastery–Find activities you can do that allow you to become good at something. For example, if you hate push-ups, why beat yourself up that you cannot do a flying push-up (maybe I’ll post video of this someday)? Instead, try a wall or knee push-up.  Then you can legitimately tell yourself, “I did a push-up.” This is highly motivating and will lead to further successes!

4. Go With a Friend–Whether it’s in person, (a walk or exercise class together), or by check-in (“Hey, did you go to your fitness class today?), being accountable to a friend dramatically increases the chance that you’ll keep to your plan. No-one likes to be the one to let a friend down.

5. Avoid Comparisons–Face it, you will never be the person you were in college or your wedding (unless they were in your very recent past). You are older, and probably have a better ability to pace yourself now anyway! Comparing yourself to your distant past is like asking for a date with disappointment (yes, I know him. He was all hands). And comparing yourself to how you should be in some never-quite-there future doesn’t work either. If you must compare yourself to something, choose yesterday. Then do something that is more than yesterday and you’ll have a good basis for comparison. While you’re at it, don’t compare yourself to others either. They’re all either better-looking (darn your parents for those imperfect genes) or worse-looking (that’s just mean), so stop it right now! (Of course, I have an identical twin, so have a lot of experience with the comparison business – so sad for her!)

Speaking of my imaginary twin, she wrote an excellent piece on this very topic (wow, what a coincidence)!

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Dear Motivated Readers: What little “tricks” do you use to help yourself stay motivated? And why is the word “ate” in “motivate?”


4 Santa Slim-Down Tips

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit:
Each Christmas I seem to gain a few pounds. People call me jolly, but I think they’re being nice to my face because they want something from me. In truth, I am verging on rotund and starting to weigh down my sleigh. How can I keep from gaining weight this year and surprise the the Missus when she welcomes me home after a hard day’s night work?
Ho ho ho and how how how? Santa Claus, North Pole

Alexandra: Dear Santa baby: Most people (yes, I mean You, SC and our readers!) make resolutions, vows, promises and pinky swears about all the food they’re going to avoid, followed by all the walks they’re going to take. When this doesn’t happen 100%, guess what? Y’all berate yourselves. Now how is feeling bad about your so-called “failure” going to make you feel all warm and glowy about being fit and healthy?

So…here is my take on how to successfully help yourself over the holidays:

1. When the big holiday spread is laid out, look it over before putting any food on your plate. Decide which things you really love and just KNOW you’ll have seconds of. If it’s that sweet potato with marshmallows concoction, may I just say “Ewwwwww?” Then choose what you like fairly well, but can live with having just a single helping. For that food, take 1 less spoonful than you took last year. Then all you’re left with is the food that you HAVE to try because Favorite Auntie Elf made it “special” and you’ll hurt her feelings. For that stuff, just take a teaspoonful (or none, if you can get away with it) and move it around the plate a bit! Even if the stuff you picked for seconds is junk, at least you’re taking in fewer calories overall and it is just ONE DAY out of 365. Notice I am not recommending eating junk on a regular basis. Bad advice. Bad. Bad.

Kymberly: What??!! I LOVE yams and sweet potatoes. I am taking your spoonful Alexandra if you keep up that baditude.  May I also have your cranberry sauce?

A: Have at it! For my second tip:
2. On the days that aren’t a food-laden holiday, but might be more of a stress, busy, leading-up-to more stress and lots of chores kind of day, there are still ways to help yourself. If you’re going shopping, (do your elves really make all those gifts by hand? I think not!) take each purchase to the car, then go back to the next shop, rather than holding on to all the bags. That little bit of extra walking counts as exercise! And as you walk to the car, do a little bicep curl holding those bags. Dorky? Maybe. But having toned arms is pretty cool. I am not advocating buying more stuff just to have more to pump, although…..

K: Hmm, dorky and fit, or cool and unfit? I pick door number one.

A: Dorks rule!

3. I hate the word self-control. Why? Because it sounds like a panty hose ad. I prefer to say “self-choice.” This is a hectic time of year and it’s not easy or fun to prepare healthful meals all the time. But you can only eat what you bring into the house, right? So whether you grab something “to-go” or do a quick and easy meal prep, decide before you buy. For example, if you know you’ll be out late shopping, pick out the night’s dinner before you head out. It’s so much easier to make good choices before you’re grumpy and tired (yeah, I’ve done mall shopping with kids).

4. Consider making yourself a mental scale.

K: Note, she said “mental” scale. Don’t go stepping on any weight scales. They do not reveal anything about your fitness level or whether you look good in red.

A: True enough. When you start to get too busy or tired to take your walk (or whatever your preferred type of exercise is), ask yourself, “On a scale of 1-10 (1 being low and 10 being high), how badly do I want to give up the exercise?” Then ask yourself how you’ll feel afterward if you do the exercise. For example, “I want to make sure the Santa Sofa doesn’t get lonely” ranks a 7 because you really are tired, versus “I’ll feel like a 10 after I exercise.” Then it’s easier to make a conscious, deliberate choice because you’ve ranked your priorities.

K: So I shouldn’t leave out the cookies this year? Just the carrots? Will I still get great gifts?

Dear Readers: What tips do you have to share with others who struggle over the holidays? And what kind of cookies are you sending me (I love peanut butter)?

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Get No-Flab, Fab Abs: Part 3

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit

How do I target belly flab?


Target Those Abs

Kymberly: With red paint and a template of concentric circles. Aim for the middle. When you are done with target practice, get fired up! Aerobically, that is, cuz’s it’s calories burning time. In a way, Hannah, you are asking the ever-tempting question: “Can I spot reduce?” In your case, the “spot” starts at the belly button. See our post, Spot Reducing: A Zap-O-Matic Myth. Short answer is “No.” If you want to target ab flab, you have to address overall body fat levels.

Parts 1 and 2 of our Get Fab Abs series had several AWESOME (that’s Twitter talk in case you did not recognize it) ab exercises. Feel free to try those exercises between your cardio workouts. And to give you your full pound of flesh (sounds gross, but that’s Shakespeare for you), give some of these yoga moves a try as they are specifically designed to address the center.

To target ab flab, you have to address overall body fat levels. Click To Tweet

Alexandra: I also like this 3-minute video from My Yoga Online. And, after you move to whatever desert has white sands, a perfectly white yoga mat and a personal drummer, you can ask the drummer to pick up the pace so you can do some cardio. Who knows, Indiana Jones might appear and help you get whipped into a cardio, belly flab burning frenzy!

Oh, Harrison. Whip Me Into Shape!

That is my hot movie celebrity way of saying, “Flab is a four-letter word for ‘fat’ and for that you need cardio & strength-training.” Get rid of the fat on top so you can display the musculature underneath. So….break up with your flab; start dating your abs! Flaunt the fab; fire the flab! Gee, I could make up ginchy little rhymes all day, but then I’d have no time for stalking my friendly visits to Harrison Ford!

Dear Readers: What is your favorite way to burn the flab that covers your abs? (Note: This is not a hint to stick a burning candle in your belly button)

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What Have Fun and Fit Been Up To?

Dear READERS of Fun and Fit

Alexandra: While you all have been doing your abdominal workouts, we’ve been hard at work doing……, Kymberly, what have we been doing exactly?

Kymberly: Recording our upcoming radio shows for Women’s Radio, compiling two short e-books that are now for sale on Amazon for under two bucks each– hinty, hint, (73 Exercise Quotes to Help you Get and Stay in Shape and 63 Motivational Quotes to Help You Get and Stay in Shape) and getting ready for our New Year=New You: 30-Day Fitness Challenge. Plus trying to become computer-literate, which almost made my head explode!

A: You lost me at “sale.” I got so excited I grabbed my credit card and started rubbing it, just like my magic lamp.

Genie, bring me a free VISA

K: Can your genie bring you a better credit card? One with no payments due…ever?

A: No, but here’s something better–all of you dear readers can go to our home page (Fun and Fit) and sign up to receive email notices of our radio shows & appearances, Fit Facts & news, plus be the first to receive info about any free stuff we might decide to give away! And, ta da ta ta, you can get info about the New Year=New You: 30-Day Fitness Challenge, which starts with the New Year. Bet you figured that out though.

K: A little interjection here. Signing up for the new stuff mentioned above is different from subscribing to our blog. That is a totally separate sign-up. Sure, you can do both, and why wouldn’t you? But they are different.

A: Just like you and me; similar yet different.

Mom always loved Kymberly best, understandably

K: Sort of.  Our Fun and Fit sign-up and subscription are both good, but in the case of us, well, I’ll say no more in case I hurt your feelings (psssst, Alexandra smells of elderberries and her mother was a hamster).

Taunt me a second time, you French person

A: Oh, go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

K: When was the first? Were you talking to me?

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Get Fab 6-pack Abs: Part 2

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit: What’s the fastest way to get a 6-pack?

When a 6-Pack Just Ain't Enough

Kymberly: The absolute fastest way is to acquire a 6-pack is to find a nice photo and paste it onto your mid-section. Or do some serious airbrushing. Or go to the grocery store and pick up a 6-pack of sodas. Can we go with a medium speed?: Reduce overall body fat through healthy eating habits and cardio workouts, while engaging in abs and resistance training.

The professional in me has to nag a moment and say, “are you sure your goal is just to gain the look of a defined 6-pack? Are you sure you don’t also want to gain core strength, have great movement ability and function, minimize back pain, improve posture and performance?” Cuz’ training all the abs will get you to all those Fab-u-licious Ab-u-licious goals.

But if your primary, super duper, “it’s on my holiday list” wish is to make “The Situation” envious and your torso more defined than a dictionary, then you have to focus on the rectus abdominis. That means stoopid crunches and some other, better moves too, such as seated rotational crunches with a medicine ball DONE PROPERLY and vertical toe touches. And just so you can tell everyone that we deliver more than we promise (and we promise bupkus except to give good advice), try the standing wood chop since you already had to go get a medicine ball.

Alexandra: Hoi, some of those “better” moves need to include getting rid of the Budweiser tumor sitting on top of your 6-pack (secret code for “zap the belly fat”). As my mom always said, “No pudding pop on top.” Okay, she didn’t say that; I made it up. She really said, “If you’re bored, go outside and play.” Which leads to my advice – go outside (or in – gyms are nice) and play. Lose the belly fat and set your inner 6’er freeeeeee!

K: Yes, you can have the most gorgeous abs in the world, but if they are hidden under a layer of fat, you are depriving the world of their view. Or you are really stashing a 12-pack. Either way, the only way you will see your 6-pack is if your body fat is low, low, low. So hit the cardio-o-o. And mix in strength training for all major muscles. Does this advice look familiar? I think so, so, so. Now go rip it up, young master!

Readers: What is your favorite ab exercise that actually helped you reach your goal? Were you relying on those crunches, not knowing better moves existed?

Credit goes to the American Council on Exercise for providing the motion exercises / images. Check out their exercise library at ACE Fitness

6-Pack Abs Photo Credit: