11 Random, Yet Enticing, Tidbits about Alexandra

By Alexandra Williams, MA

I was tagged by Tara Burner and a few other bloggers (sorry, but I got overtired and forgot exactly who the 3 others were) to do a post sharing 11 random things about myself. I normally don’t like to share…unless it involves raw mushrooms, in which case I will share ALL of them, but I can’t disappoint my friends, so this is my contribution. This chain mail blog post tag hootchiemagootchie is in 3 parts: 1. Share 11 things about myself. I get to choose. 2. Answer the questions given to me by Tara. 3. Write my own set of 11 questions then tag 11 of my suckers friends. They have to then write a post and answer MY questions.

My Random Life has been Fun so Far

And awaaaaay we go:
Eleven random things about myself:
1. I am the shortest of 5 children.
2. I get vertigo when too stressed.
3. My children are ethical and compassionate. This means I did a good job as a mom.
4. I used to be a DJ on a radio station in Santa Barbara County. Ralph Story complimented me. He’s dead now. It’s not because of me.
5. I love disco. Get over it.
6. I wish I’d known how adorable I was back when I was.
7. Some woman has been stalking me for years. She says she’s my twin.
8. I’m the same size I was in high school. I suspect sizing has changed.
9. I went water skiing when I was 16 and my bathing suit top fell off. Needless to say, I let go of the rope and stayed in the water until my 30s.
10. I feel sad when my younger son isn’t included in things.
11. Being up on a stage with a microphone is really fun for me.

These are the questions I was asked by Tara Burner
1. Juice? Coffee? or Tea?
Is this the part where I get to strut my stuff in the airplane and say, “Or me?” Giving me caffeine is about the same as giving me mint mojitos and Bailey’s – I just talk faster, tell bad jokes, and twitch wildly when handsome guys go by. So, um, that would be tea.

2. What’s your favorite food?
Well, the thing I chew on the most is my fingernails, so do they count as food? If not, maybe freshly baked bread. I like anything fresh (you hear that, Colin Firth?).

3. Do you have any hidden talents?
No, all my talents are well-publicized. Mostly by me. On bathroom walls. I suppose my master’s in counseling might be hidden. Or maybe suppressed. What does that say about my relationship with my train set? And I can speak parts of a number of languages.

4. Have you ever hitch-hiked?
Yes. It did not go well. It involved police and a pervert. They were not one and the same.

5. What’s your favorite workout program?
Any program where I outlast my 20-year-old students and they get that look of awe, respect, and fear in their eyes!

6. Do you experience road rage or just drive in peace?
I drive in peace, but those other drivers are idiots.

7. Favorite place to vacation?
In my head. Every day. Ohhhhhhmmmmmmm. Or the Netherlands. Or the nether regions of my brain. But it’s windy there.

8. Are you spontaneous or like a schedule?
I’m answering this one out of order just to prove I’m spontaneous. Next I’ll mix coffee with a mint mojito, just to see what happens. Then I’ll spontaneously throw up most likely. And I’m not “like a schedule” although I do follow one.

9. Meat eater? vegetarian? vegan?
I eat vegans. Actually, I’m a vegetarian. If it has legs and a face, I don’t eat it.

10. Pets?
Yes, I like to be petted. A feel would be nice too. Just kidding. Don’t touch me, ya weirdo, or I’ll sic my dog and 3 cats on you. My cat Ella is spontaneous. She falls asleep in the sink. And leaves dead lizards and snakes where she knows I’ll step on them. Pets are mean that way.

11. Makeup? or natural?
I didn’t make up anything in this post. It all came to me naturally. While I was shaving my legs and buying Chanel lipstick. That’s my secret indulgence that I didn’t mention above. It was a secret until just now.

And, these are my questions for
Nora dePalma
Todd Vendituoli
Nick Lovelady
Bob Borson

Ginny Powell
Matthew Poster
Brian Kelley
Courtney Alev
Kris Beal
Alfonso Moretti

1. What was your favorite subject in high school?
2. What makes you laugh?
3. If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?
4. What is one thing you wish you had never done in your life?
5. What is one thing you’ve done that you’re 100% sure was the right choice?
6. What’s one place you’ve never been that you want to visit?
7. Steam or sauna?
8. Have you ever been on a blind date? If so, how did it go?
9. Push-ups or planks?
10. What is your worst cooking disaster?
11. If you had to give a one-sentence toast to your beloved, what would it be?

Tag Rules:
1. Post these rules in your post.
2. Post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
5. Go to the blogs of the people you’ve tagged to tell them they’ve been tagged.
6. You legitimately and actively have to tag 11 people. No saying “you are tagged if you are reading this.”

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