11 Random Fitnessy Things About Kymberly

Alexandra and I got “tagged” the other day by our friend and fellow fitness blogger, Tara Burner. Welcome to the online version of chain mail. No way do I want to be the one who triggers 7 years of weight gain.

Here’s the gig: the tagged person (Exhibit Myself)  is to write a post (Exhibit This One), list 11 random things about oneself, answer 11 questions posed by aforementioned Tara The Tagger; then ask our own 11 questions of 11 people we tag. Pass the chain mail love dish please! I got a workout just following all those instructions. So here goes: My TMI moment. Since (Exhibit A for) Alexandra is out of town, this is the perfect time to mess around. And fair warning given — she was tagged as well so y’all come back now, Ya hear?

11 Random Things About Me, Me, All Me (How are you enjoying the east coast, sissie?)

  1. Since this is a fitness blog, I arbitrarily make up my own rules. So all random items will be fitness oriented.
  2. In 30 years of teaching group exercise, I have fallen off the stage twice. One of those times I was 9 months pregnant.
  3. When shooting a live tv show about pool exercise I once twisted out of my cross-tied, one piece bathing suit when showing a move from the deck. Ratings did not go up. My bodacious ta-tas sure did though.
  4. I almost got a speeding ticket for choreographing a routine while driving. As the beats and moves got faster, so did my gas pedal foot. Confessing this to the cop made him laugh and put away his ticket book. Honesty pays!
  5. If I teach a class before 8:30 am I cannot sleep well the night prior as I worry about missing the wake-up time.
  6. I truly LOVE the people who come to my classes. Except that one lady.
  7. If I take a class and the teacher is off the 8 or 32 count, it drives me bonkers.
  8. When I taught fitness on a cruise ship that embarked from Hamburg, I made it but my luggage didn’t. My clothes, fitness gear, toiletries – everything! – joined me 3 days later on a special drop off near the Arctic Circle.
  9. The first time I ever heard of “aerobics” was in 1978, when a friend asked whether I’d like to join her in this “dance type class where you move the whole hour without stopping and get really breathless, but it helps you lose weight.” I looked at her like she was crazeee and asked “why the heck would I want to do that?”
  10.  One day I got two notes about me in the same comment box: 1) “Kymberly is the worst teacher on the entire schedule” and 2) “Kymberly is the best teacher on the staff.” Obviously Kymberly is the most schizophrenic teacher.
  11. I love disco music and disco moves. Yes, I could happily work out to disco tunes and Turn The Beat Around through the Last Dance cuz I’m Staying Alive.

My answers to the 11 questions posed by  Tara Burner who tagged me.

Warrior Pose by Kymberly

(Darn you Burner! I will find you and make you pay, you vixen!):

1. Juice? Coffee? or Tea?
Thai Iced Tea, 100% juice watered down  (no “juice beverage”). If I drank coffee with caffeine, it would be like giving oxygen to a FIYAH.
2. What’s your favorite food?
Whatever good chefs cook for me from healthy, fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients
3. Do you have any hidden talents?
If I told you they would not be hidden.  Ok, ok, sewing and restoring historic houses
4. Have you ever hitchhiked?
Once and it was once too often
5. What’s your favorite workout program?
A well-taught advanced step class with fun, challenging choreography. Or a dance-oriented cardio workout such as Qignition.
6. Do you experience road rage or just drive in peace?
“Get out of my way you slow poke dumba$$!”  I drive in peace. Take me to your leader.
7. Favorite place to vacation?
Depends. Who’s paying? I love discovering new places.
8. Are you spontaneous or do you like a schedule?
I prefer a schedule that allows for some spontaneity
9. Meat eater? vegetarian? vegan?
Meat eater seasoned with hints of verging vegetarian.
10. Pets?
Always! Pooosy cats Zorro and Bella; Black Lab puppy Kila (Hawaiian for “seal”)
11. Makeup? or natural?
Somewhere in between. Refer to Question #3.

Questions for those I tag. Passing that dish of love to background music Chains, Chains, Chains, Chains of Love

Kymberly at Rancho la Puerta

  1. Favorite blog post you have written? Title and link please.
  2. Why is it your fave?
  3. On a 1-10 scale, 1 = totally a couch potato who never moves; 10 = ready for the Olympics, where do you rate your current fitness level?
  4. What annoys you most: bad grammar, bad punctuation, bad photos/images?
  5. What is the wackiest or lamest excuse you have ever used to get out of a workout?
  6. What is the lamest or most outlandish excuse you have ever use to get out of a social event?
  7. What is your preferred workout place – home, club, outdoors, in your dreams? Other?
  8. Favorite book that was turned into a movie?
  9. Favorite (or handiest) motivational quote?
  10. What do you think “qi” means?
  11. What question do you wish I had asked?

Rules for Tagees:

  • Post these rules in your post.
  • Post 11 random things about yourself. (They do not have to relate to fitness at all)
  • Answer the questions set for you in the tagger’s post.
  • Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
  • Go to the blogs of the people you’ve tagged to tell them they’ve been tagged.
  • You legitimately and actively have to tag 11 people. No saying “you are tagged if you are reading this.

Tag, you’re it:

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